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A Conversation with Ray Maor on Breatharianism

January, 2016 by Virochana Khalsa

A Breatharian, unlike most people think, is a person that uses mostly energy as his primary source of energy. This is the reason why a Breatharian does not feel hunger or thirst. A Breatharian can eat or drink if he chooses to and most Breatharian I am familiar with do eat or drink, only in small quantities and not out of a necessity. They will mostly eat or drink for social situations like being with the family or on holidays. read more

Vaishnava Bauls of Birbhum Bengal

March, 2016 by Sandra Trishula Das

That is why, brother, I became a madcap Baul. No master I obey, nor injunctions, canons or custom. Now no men-made distinctions have any hold on me, and I revel only in the gladness of my own welling love. In love there's no separation, but commingling always. So I rejoice in song and dance with each and all - Rabindra Nath Tagore read more

Victor Truviano Talks on Breatharianism and the BabaJi State

July, 2015 by Victor Truviano

Victor Truviano has not eaten food or liquid, including water, for about 10 years now. He has regrown his teeth and healed himself from a fall when paragliding, all while in the pranic state. Victor is a profound practitioner, as i hope you can get a sense of fromreading this... read more

Yogiraj Dr Ramnath Aghori

March, 2016 by Anjou Durga Giri

One day Baba Ramnath called all the local babas for a feast, a bhandara,he would prepare on Dashashwamedh Ghat, a half-mile downstream from us. Even the local shopkeepers and others laughed at him when he announced that he would feed his guests from the meager resources of his humble dhuni, with just a couple of small pots, and hundreds of babas arrived. The babas sat in a pangat, two pairs of long lines each facing another. Plates made of leaves sewn together with twigs... read more

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