Sacred Mountain Retreat

Rotating the Five Elements through Five Organs

by Virochana Khalsa March, 2016

five elements

This simple visualization and connectivity practice helps to potentize and restore the primal energy facilitated by each of the major organs in the body. It is based on the classical nourishing cycle of the five elements through the yin organs as practiced in Taoist tradition.

Start by feeling the space of your kidneys and a deep water energy. Your kidney face each other like two lovers. Include not only your kidneys but your whole body and the surrounding atmosphere, with a focus in the kidneys themselves. Your kidneys are about refining essence which is then stored in your bone marrow and brain. Your testicles or ovaries have been called little kidneys because they are a part of this same energy. Swim and magnetize yourself in this inner water.

As this soft essence starts to build, bring this nourishment to your liver. Your liver holds the ‘energy’ of space itself which when brought into the dynamic of the body is called the ‘wood’ element. It represents the powerful drive that can create a space of existence, such as that which allows a tree to grow straight up, or roots to break about rock. Just as water brings forth an explosion of spring growth, the essence from your kidneys nourishes the power in the body. Liver energy gives clarity to vision and the eyes, and the uprising thrusting power in the center of your body.

sangre de christos mountains (photo by virochana)

Sangre de Christos (photo by Virochana)

Bring this unstoppable expression into the heart where it becomes warmth and joy spreading through the body, increasing your fire element. The ease, love, and happiness within your heart becomes the command center of your life which everything starts to revolve around.

With the warmth of your heart bring it down to your pancreas/spleen area to bring forth the strength, sweetness, and song of earth, manifesting your heart into creation.

an old saw horse on the retreat (photo by virochana)

Some wood on the land (photo by Virochana)

From the golden strength of your spleen-pancreatic area bring its quality to your lungs, which creates a container for the subtle air energy that the lungs constantly bring in with every breath - an effervescent lightness and power.

Bring this down into your kidneys, like how bubbling air through water clarifies it. This makes life so much easier like surfing a wave, rather than being churned under by it. What was once difficult to see through, becomes a journey of flow and beauty.

Continue onwards, rotating from one organ to the next. Sometimes you might spend only five or ten seconds in each organ. Other times you might spend 5 minutes in each organ – follow what feels right in the moment in this enjoyable attunement, and your presence becomes a fine as silk.

breathing the elements

I like to practice it sitting outside; breathing the elements and enjoying their presence through the body. In today’s climate, the study and understanding of the organs focusses around the metabolic cycle of food. Yet when returned to their primal power, the organs become cultivations of the raw elemental qualities of creation into the direct nourishment of the body, which in turn makes possibilities such as breatharianism feel much more attainable and real – because you can sense and feel it in the joy of the moment. This practice helps towards this realization.

When you are in the liver, be sure to feel it extending to include the solar plexus, and do the same when you are in the pancreas/spleen area. The other organ energies will then naturally follow suite, not so much by centering themselves there, but rather through a sense of wholeness in the body.

When we talk in the language of the elements; it is ultimately of various qualities that can be reduced to a particular force which is realized to be embodied upon consciousness alone. An elemental quality does not exist by itself, and as this practice shows us, each creates another. An interdependent cycle in the mind translated into creation as its fabric.

A common and wonderful meditation is to dissolve the expression of one element into another, such as earth into water into fire into air into space, and then into further subtleties of consciousness. In contrast, this way of cycling through the organs is not about the transcendent dissolving of the elements directly; rather nourishing their creation in concert with the body, which through a refinement brings us in time to the same realization of space itself. This sense of being embodied through and as space, releases us into greater freedom and happiness that is what makes space itself. Inside and outside disappear in difference. So much magic right here and now ready to be tapped into.

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