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Eternal Yoga

Awakening within Buddhic Consciousness

by Virochana Khalsa

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A long awaited book that is unique in what it teaches. Eternal Yoga initiates us into subtleties of awakening within our core essence. We then have the potential to see and overcome our root blind spots, while becoming aware of the body of the One.



Source of Teachings and Transmission

Key Understandings and Terminology

Initiatory Techniques of Eternal Yoga

Reality of the Higher Realms

Developing a Body of Light

Soul Development through the Rays of Light

Establishing a Retreat


Awakening Beyond the Mind with Eternal Yoga

January, 2016 by Virochana Khalsa

Eternal Yoga, a term given to me at the end of a winter retreat in the Himalayas, is a set of practices where we go above our head to discover our eternal nature beyond conceptualization and individuality, while at the same time increasing our individual definition. This brings forth a conscious continuum where we know for ourselves what is our spirit, our soul, and the weaving into our embodiment. read more

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