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When Stars Become Human

by Virochana Khalsa March, 2016

When stars become human
  and the earth melts inside.

Igniting a passion. Fire upon water, its touch never the same,
  while playing music in chords of our hair.

Lips joining with a play of the tongue,
  consuming a liquid fragrance of ecstatic loves own touch.

Moon nectar in the shape of a body as a breath without name.
Golden sun rejoicing so much.

Hours untold.
The heart standing still, never missing a beat.

As hours come aware, a glimmer of thought arises kissing night into day.
Stars receding.
The breath comes back,
  as eyes open
  into a world barely, barely aware.

Artwork by Virochana Khalsa

Artwork by Virochana

As we refine ourselves through a daily practice, purifying the elements of what we are made of and loosening the individual identity, we gradually become more sensitive to the currents of life of which we are made and the relationships within that. While this can include challenges, it can also become very intimate. Starting with concentration, such as in kriya, through its centering and other benefits, meditation awakens.

The above poem illustrates the beauty that can occur through a combination of transcendence and embodiment. Each line is more than metaphorical. For example: Lips joining with a play of the tongue is in reference to ‘Kechari’ where the tip of the tongue moves back and inwards where its touch elicits a nectar. Moon nectar in the shape of a body as a breath without name, is a reference to an inner consort tantra that yogis can experience, leading into a beautiful and simple state beyond normal cognitive function and back again, but never the same once entered.

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