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The Way of the Goddess

a Journey of Self Awakening

by Shantara Mu Khalsa

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An exciting, easy to read and transformational biography of her trials, difficulties and victories in her spiritual path and the quest to meet her beloved. Selected by the New Zealand International Woman''s Book Festival.

  1. Early Awareness
  2. Journeys in India and Spiritual Lessons
  3. More Spiritual Journeys
  4. Initiations into Kriya Yoga
  5. Conventional Life
  6. Mafu and the Extra-Terrestrials
  7. Priestly Karmas
  8. The Great White Brotherhood
  9. Crystals and Clearing Karmic Cellular Memory
  10. More on Soulmates and Letting Go
  11. Eternal Beloved Relationship
  12. Fijian Adventures
  13. Spiritual Entrapments of the Woman Devotee - Male Guru Relationship
  14. Integrating Earth's New Frequencies
  15. Honolulu and More Valuable Lessons
  16. Awakening the Earth's Crystalline Form
  17. Deceptions in the Astral Dimensions
  18. Inner Earth, Solar and Rainbow Beings
  19. Teachings of the Twin Ray
  20. Celibacy, Sexuality, and the Beloveds
  21. Techniques to Elevate Awareness
  22. Attaining Liberation

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