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Victor Truviano
Talks on Breatharianism and the BabaJi State

by Victor Truviano July, 2015

Victor Truviano in Bali August 2015

What follows is from a public talk given by Victor Truviano, mostly in the nature of questions and answers taking place in a conference in Bali in August of 2015. You can listen to an audio recording by Javiera Correa on her website. The talk was transcribed by Miriam Schaefer.

Victor Truviano has not eaten food or liquid, including water, for about 10 years now. He has regrown his teeth and healed himself from a dramatic fall when paragliding, all while in the pranic state. Victor is a profound practitioner, as i hope you can get a sense of from reading this...

Victor: I have the opportunity and possibility to share a little bit about my life. And these years of my life are all very clear in my memory. In this meeting I want to share with you about my life since when I was 4 years old in this physical body. And after that we can open a space for questions. In this way we can speak about this, because if you have some questions you need to first know what to ask.

I remember when I was 4 years old, it was the first time in this physical body that the universe touched my heart very very deep. So in this moment for some varying reasons my knowledge started to disappear and instead my wisdom started to appear, the wisdom that we have.

At this moment the universe touched my heart for the first time in this body, it happened every time in all my different bodies that the universe touched me and always stronger and this time it was very very strong. Because in some way it showed me a function that wasn't so simple to show through a physical body, because the universe showed me in a clear way what would be my function. But sometimes the physical body is not ready to receive that much energy. But being 4 years old my heart was so so pure and it was completely ready to receive all this love and all this energy. So in the same moment as all these memories appeared in my mind, in the same moment appeared all this knowledge about many previous lives, in the same moment also everything disappeared for a few seconds, but also a completely new space appeared in my being.

When I was 4 years old I started to receive transmissions from the universe. A transmission is when the universe gives you information in a way in which our mind can't participate in this information to receive this information completely pure (and ?) for a couple of days in the beginning in a natural way I couldn't eat, or drink also but in this space appeared the pranic way. The information started to appear. So when I first received a lot of transmissions, it was a time when I couldn't eat because it is like as if you look at this stone right here, I don’t know if you can eat this stone. It was the same situation for me, I couldn't eat what was on the table. So at the same moment a lot of doors closed but also a lot of doors and windows and everything opened. And this is what happened at the beginning for a few years and every time something completely different happened, because life is like that, it's in every moment completely different. And this is what happened to me, but I'm not going to tell you what you can't do but I want to show you our possibilities. And I'm not talking about becoming breatharian or pranic, I'm talking about something more interesting. Because if we put our attention only on not eating and drinking that would be very superficial and really completely boring to me.

I was a musician for many years and for this reason I was almost all day every day by myself and only at the concerts I was around people and I always travelled a lot with my violin since I was 7 years old. I started to work as a violinist when I was 7 years old and I was a professional concertist for 20 years. But I never considered that I was being an artist, for me it was only work. Nine years ago I was living in Buenos Aires, Argentina, a crazy city, millions of people in the same place and I was in that Buenos Aires dynamic, stressed, nervous, anxious and a lot of other things. A lot of work, a lot of concerts, a lot of students and at the same time I was giving classes at different conservatories in Buenos Aires, so I was always doing something and now there's nothing for me to do.

So nine years ago I was in Buenos Aires and I wasn't able to continue to eat solid food. And overall I couldn't eat anything because I listened to my heart, I listened to what my body was telling me and you know that our heart is completely intelligent and our body also. So I was from then on in a different psychological space and I knew what was happening to me at this time of my life. And I felt that my life wasn't supposed to be about work all the time. And I thought that maybe I could work in my free time from now on, but that was not possible since it is either work or not work.

Life is like this, it's a decision, very clear, yes or no, it's always like this and we are making decisions all the time, every moment. So for this reason I think that at some point we need to make a different space for something new to appear in our life. And I was permitting this space. And I still allow this space up to now, all the time. So nine years ago I was still living with my family in Buenos Aires and I remember that everyone was so worried about me because i was not eating and u can imagine, italian family without food. For my mom this was crazy, also at the conservatory, all my students and everyone was so completely worried and I noticed that the worries of these people started to affect me a lot. And for this reason I made the decision to live by myself in the mountains very far away from the city. So in this moment I was completely honest with myself because at this time I didn't listen to the fear of the other people. And sometimes the fear of the people around us puts a lot of limits on our life. And I think there always comes the time when we need to be completely alone.

So this year, when I was in the mountains I drank only liquids and that was very interesting because in the nature I found all the things I needed, everything was provided by nature. The first months I was only drinking fruit juices and after some months in this way there came a time when my body couldn't accept all this sugar anymore. So my body told me no more sugar, no more juice and after that I started to drink only tea, all the teas that you can imagine, all of them. So after two months with only tea the body asked me 'no more tea' and that was a very strong process because everything is about taste here, everything is taste. I started to drink only water for the last two months of this year. And as I was drinking water I started to notice that water is the most-heaviest that exists on the planet. I could feel the mountain in my mouth, all the minerals and everything. So after two months of just water I couldn't drink the mountain anymore because it was really too much for me. So now it has been eighth years that I haven't been drinking anything.

We or our body, every day has the capacity to further simplify our life and I am at this time in another process of simplifying my life. I'm working on something new and I am very close to touch on that, very soon. But during this time I still continued playing the violin and giving concerts. At some moment different people started to come from different parts of the country and around the world and they arrived at my home in the mountains and they all called me Victor, they didn't know that Victor was my first name and they arrived at my house asking for me, for Victor and they told me that I would have a transmission for them, so in this moment I was not thinking that I was crazy because this was something real that happened all my life and for this reason, because of all the information that I was receiving I was tired because I didn't understand it, because the information was not for me but it was for other people. So after that these people from other countries told me 'maybe Victor, you can come to my country' and everyone made me that same offer and so for 8 years now I travel without stop all around the world, and it's a part of my life.

…I talked a lot and I think it would be better to open the space for questions and answers now and we can talk about whatever you like. I don't want to put a focus on anything. So we will talk about whatever you like now. Thank you.

Andrea: How important was it for you in that year in the mountains to be alone and in silence. How important was that for you and in turn how important is that for others?

Victor: One question at a time please, this is very difficult for me. So I did not spend this year in the mountains in complete silence because I was working and I was always practicing for the next concert but either way it was very different there, I was much clearer about everything. And the other question?

Andrea: So in turn how important is it for us in order to expand our consciousness into the BabaJi state to be removed from everyday life and to spend time in silence?

Victor: For this question I would like to share something specific from my childhood because this experience from my childhood has consequences until now. When I was a child I was always very afraid to go to sleep, I was always very afraid of the darkness but overall for a specific reason. When I laid down there appeared an Indian person or being appeared before me with long hair and he was always so so very serious and I was completely afraid almost every day. After these three years this being appeared when I was 17, and maybe about 25 but not every day like before. And one day I was at my friend’s house and on the table there was a book that completely drew my attention and I picked up the book 'The Autobiography of Yogananda' and I opened the book and in this moment I looked at the being that had visited me every night all these three year when I was a child. That was the first time that I pronounced the name BabaJi and from that moment on my life started to change completely. So BabaJi, at this time when I was in the mountains and when I was also in this change and in this different internal space, this being was completely present in me and it is with me now. I can share a lot more about this if it comes up in a question.

Question: Thank you for today. How do you receive and maintain the BabaJi energy and knowledge?

Victor: So you asked me about energy and knowledge and also how I maintain it. A lot of parts to this question. Ok so there is nothing we have to do, that's the best I can do because if I do something to maintain something then I cover up the light of this transmission. Because it is very easy to always do something all the time but when you are doing something then you are not you but you are what you are doing. And that's why in today’s presentation BabaJi presents that you need to be you and not something that you are doing. Yes, thank you.

Frank: I have two questions I would like to know about your experience of the transition. Did you transition from a regular diet, or raw vegan diet?

Victor: You know in Argentina the meat is something completely normal and common and the people from all around the world usually say that Argentina has the best meat but I never ate meat, I don't know the taste of meat. But regarding meals I was eating everything and I never put any attention on food and I think that I didn't put attention on my food because I was covering up my emotions with the food. So my transition was during one year in the mountains, before that I was eating everything. And next question?

Frank: Did you experience physical changes inside of you and in energy?

Victor: I was at three different times outside of my body, I was dead three times in different places with different people and you know the heart didn't work for those two or three days in the same way. Sometimes when I speak about this people ask me 'what happened when you were not in your body?' Please do not ask me this question. Whenever I came back my friends were very very worried because I was like violet or blue but after all these situations I came back to my body and that's when the cellular retro-alimentation appeared in my body. And we are how our cells are, if the cells are for whatever reason a certain way then our body is in the same way.

You know, when I was three years old, I was reading sheet music perfectly, so my eyes were working very hard for many years, for that reason I was wearing glasses, because I couldn't see nothing really. So the first consequence that I received through the retro-alimentation was a very very deep pain for about three months in my eyes and when I was wearing my glasses I couldn't really see anything and I was very worried because I thought that I might would have to increase the gradation but the doctor told me 'no Victor, you don't need to increase the gradation, you don't need to wear any glasses any longer'. And this was the first consequence of the cellular retro-alimentation. So I remember that about seven years ago I was sharing a retreat in Bolivia and I was feeling a lot of pain in my teeth and I was feeling pain all around my jar. So I went to another doctor again in another place and another country and I went to a dentist clinic in Sorata, Bolivia and I asked about my pain and the doctor couldn't tell me anything about it because she didn't know what was happening to me but I was feeling a lot of pain.

So a week later I returned to the clinic because my pain was so so deep and very strong I wasn't feeling the pain just here but also in my head and it felt like my third teeth were about to come out because I felt like something was coming out and I was also very worried because a lot of my teeth were loose and the dentist told me 'no that is not possible, we can only change our teeth only two times', so that's why I decided to see another dentist and he took x-rays and on the screen it showed that my third teeth were coming out, so it was a process of about 7 month with a lot of pain and that was another consequence of the cellular retro-alimentation in my body. Thank you and if anyone likes to know further details about this you are welcome to ask.

Miriam: How do you perceive smells from foods. Do you like or dislike them?

Victor: I don't know if I like them or not, it's like they don't really affect me. To me it doesn't matter if the smells are there or not, it's the same. But of course I like smells a lot, especially flowers and for this reason I made my own essences when I was living in New Zealand.

Question: Do you get regularly messages from the universe?

Victor: I think that everyone, everyone here can receive transmissions from the universe, sometimes we don't hear them, but sometimes it's not possible to hear them, it depends where we are in our life. So for me this space in my life happens almost every day and the best messages I can receive from the universe is to listen to my being all the time and listen what's happening with me. But concerning the consequence of my transmission I don't have a mission, I have a function and that is completely different. So I opened the pranic consciousness in different parts of the world. I started first in South America and it was very intense work for me because people were very aggressive towards me because I was thinking differently. You know Tv, newspaper and everything was talking about Victor Truviano and people put hidden cameras all over my house it was so funny! It happened for many years and on every continent I went. After South America I went to Central America to also open the same consciousness there. Also Estonia, Europe and that is my function, that is the message that I received for sure. And as a part of that function I share here in Bali and I will be here for a long time I think. But of course the breatharian state or pranic state is not just about stopping to drink and eat solid foods. The pranic state overall is to stop with the needing.

Thank you.

Javiera: Thank you Victor. My question is because you mentioned what’s beyond the pranic state or being breatharian, what's our potential as humans? Like you said eating or not eating is not the aim...

Victor: Eating or not eating is the same, the consciousness is the most important. Because for example I couldn't imagine that I will ever start to eat again, really, but maybe at some time to drink would be completely possible for example, in the future. But I really don't think that if I would start to drink or eat again, that my state of consciousness would change, I think I would be in the same state if I eat. For that reason, I really think that eating and not eating is the same and it's not what's important it's just a consequence. Some people also come to our meeting because they want to stop with the food and to be happy. And I think that it's more important to be happy and the possible consequence then is maybe to be breatharian. So you know how children are, they can play all day with their friends, if you don't call them in for lunch they will continue to play all day long. They are not breatharians, but they are in breatharian consciousness to be in presence and in the moment. Of course it would be much easier for them to become breatharian because it is something natural for them. Thank you.

Frank: is asking about the transition, his personal journey concerning his feeling that solids like salad are very heavy.

Victor: It depends on what is normal for you. But if your body is telling you that solids are too much then maybe you need to change and explore your body. Our bodies are like laboratories and you can make your own experiments. So I really think the most important is to listen to yourself because nobody can tell me anything, except BabaJi.

Venant: Has BabaJi told you if other people will also reach this pranic state?

Victor: BabaJi didn't tell me whether everyone can be breatharian because we don't need to do something that we are already but everyone here has a specific function and sometimes also breatharians have specific functions, so some breatharians are all alone in the mountains in some sort of shelter and some have other functions also during many lives also, because sometimes life is so so short and sometimes it takes many lifetimes to complete your function.

I don't think that I finished my function in this lifetime but of course there is a possibility as the consequence of the breatharian state and this possibility is to make a transition from solids to liquids. And you can live very well on just liquids and by adding some dry days also. But it's like nobody can teach you how to be you, or I don't believe in that. But this potential is in everyone because we are breatharians, we are always breathing the air(?), that’s also why I opened this place for the first time for the BabaJi state, to make the transition. And I am sharing this specific space only in Bali. For this reason, I now live here because I also think that the people here are completely ready to receive this and after that we receive a different consequence for another country and another culture. Anyways when we are meeting in my home there are no people from here, only one or two, it's all people from other countries but anyways it is happening here in Bali because when I lived in Sweden I also tried to open this but it didn't work there and here it is so easy to open it. People move here from other countries for some time to do this program and we are waiting for more people to come next week. And I think about this place, that the people make the place and for this reason Bali is so beautiful because people from Bali are so beautiful and that's a consequence and that's why we are doing this here. But of course there always are exceptions because I'm sure of the transition from solids to liquids but of course the door is always open to become completely breatharian. But BabaJi told me nothing about that.

Maa Tejomayee Devi: Do you want tell us something about immortality?

Victor: No (laughing). When we talk about immortality then we are also implying that there is a limit and to be all the time eternal is not to be immortal, it's something different, because when we talk about immortality then we are actually talking about something like death... and the soul is eternal. I don’t know if you want to change the question (laughing).

Maa Tejomayee Devi: Well... (laughters) I've been told (as I spent time in India and met some (special) "people") that to enter Shamballa you had to be at least 500 years old. There are process like in Kaya Kalpa for example, where you have to first stay without food and liquids for more than 48 days and then to prolong life of 200 years for example is the start to immortality and breatharianism could possibly be a first step to that ... (smile) So I was wondering if you wanted to tell us something about it

Victor: So I never read any books about this, I never practiced meditation, yoga or anything, never in my life really, because I would consider that work and I don't need to do that. Why I tell you that, it's in relation with the immortality or eternal living. when you do meditation you need to start because you need to finish after but if you can permit the space for the meditation to happen to you then start it starts in that moment but never finishes and the same happened with the cell retroalimentation. So maybe some people know about immortality, and I am talking maybe about the same thing but from the cells retro-alimentation because the cells retro-alimentation doesn't permit you to get older because you will always keep regenerating all your body. So now you have my answer.

Andrea: Could you talk a little bit more about BabaJi?

Victor: So at this time I am in a different very deep process with BabaJi and BabaJi always brings something new, it's not something static, it always changes like our aura, but I know that BabaJi is with us all the time and I know that the BabaJi consciousness generally appears in the space of darkness, because in this space is where we can reflect on our life and if this space wasn't there then life wouldn't exist. For this reason BabaJi supports us all the time. Sometimes when I mention that BabaJi appears in a dark and different space, people think or tell me that this is not possible, that BabaJi is pure light but I didn’t actually tell you anything opposite, because people relate the black color with something negative. But the universe is black, do you think that's something negative? So the universe is black, BabaJi is black but he created all and everything in this space. It's also like BabaJi is the silence where we can create music, so if there wasn't any silence there wouldn't be any music. BabaJi is the silence and he supports us also, BabaJi is empty space where we can put all our things, so BabaJi is completely abstract and is pure art and we are the consequence of BabaJi's art, this is our life philosophy.

Thank you.

Question: I was wondering if you can tell us more about what you teach and what you are offering here in Bali.

Victor: This is (?), I learned my English in 3 months, I need more time. Oooh I like this music (referring to background sounds)! So I don't think we are here to learn something, and if we are not here to learn something, then there are no teachers, and I always want to be very original with my answers and I don't want to tell you what everyone else says that we are here to remember, but quite honestly, we are here to remember (laughing) and I am not here to help you because nobody can really help you with anything, but I'm here to accompany you and to remember together, you know when I studied medicine a long time ago and I was in a clinic where there were many many babies, and you know when one baby started to cry all of them started crying and I think we are doing something like that also, when someone remembers something then everyone else does and that is my desire for you. Thank you very much.

Transcribed by Miriam Schaefer from a live recording by Jaivera Correa at conference in August 2015 in Bali.

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