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Cultivating a Body of Nectar

Kriya Yoga and Tantric Foundations

by Virochana Khalsa

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Loaded with practices, including breathing exercises, dynamic movements, visualization, chi-kung and much more. Includes an overview of the yogic path, specific guidance, and a section on exploring the subtle body of channels, chakras, energy and essences. Keeps in mind, how to apply the practices to prepare the way for entering the tantras.

  1. Overview

  2. Lifestyle Adjustments & Refinement

  3. Introduction to Yoga and Kriya Practices

  4. Role of a Teacher for the Preliminaries

  5. Guidelines and Tips for Practicing

  6. Locking Energy in the Body & Posture

  7. The Magic of Breathing

  8. Chants and Visualizations

  9. Dynamic Yoga Sets

  10. Martial Arts Stances and Chi Kung

  11. Chakras, Channels, Energy and Essences: A Tantra of Inner Fire

  12. Appendix


Key Understandings and Terminology

July, 2002 by Virochana

Spirituality, the art of knowing our spirit, is a very blissful affair. Nectar is our essence that makes spirit knowable in form and creating a body of nectar is a science that any of us can do. The first book of this series, Cultivating a Body of Nectar, gives methods to create enough clarity and vitality to cultivate the nectars of bliss. read more


Kriya of Five Sounds Sa-Ta-Na-Ma

January, 2001 by Virochana Khalsa

This wonderful Kriya washes the mind, adjusts the elemental balance in the body, gradually develops a relationship with your presence above the head and increases projection, presence and healing ability. For all these benefits, it is a simple practice, but must be done daily for the accumulative effect. read more


Piercing the Inner Veils with Ong Kar

January, 2001 by Virochana Khalsa

This Kriya purifies misunderstanding and awakens a continual and profound sense of inner radiance originating from within. It brings an experience of purity. Intellectuality is overcome and you are able to both speak from the heart and hear what is really being said underneath all that is spoken to you. By continuing to cultivate the inner space this practice opens you enter the rarefied realms within the heart. As the heart becomes pure, everything is seen as connected to the “one” or highest self of all, despite contradictions which may appear in outer life. It is a very blissful practice. read more


Recharging Prana Technique

January, 2001 by Virochana Khalsa

This Kriya which moves the arms slowly in concert with the breath and visualization recharges depleted tissues, rebuilds and strengthens your self-image, increases the activity of the solar centers and the absorption of free energy. read more


The Essence of Kriya

February, 2016 by Virochana Khalsa

Kriya is an active synthesis of breath, visualization, mental focus, repetition, discipline, internal alchemy, a good nature, and posture to internalize our awareness. In contrast to a passive approach, which also has its place, kriya charges and directs the current of your mind and breath, which keeps you engaged as you ride it into a deeper centering of presence. read more

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