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A Student's Journey To Sacred Mountain

March, 2011 by Yachay

Another student here asked me, “So how did you find out about Sacred Mountain?” Of course, it is a story of synchronicity. It is very clear that each step of each journey that has led me to Sacred Mountain has a Divinely organized blueprint. Upon replaying these sequences of events, it easy to see and feel the strong currents of overlighting Guidance that have woven together this sacred tapestry of Destiny. Yes, it feels like an unavoidable pre-ordained connection that has precipitated my arrival at the doorstep of Virochana and Shantara. read more


My Experience at Sacred Mountain Retreat

April, 2016 by Lianna Hardy

My journey coming to Sacred Mountain Retreat was anticipated for over a year. I arrived to be very welcomed and felt immediately at home, a sense of belonging with excitement and profound calmness. The energy of Crestone was like nothing I had felt before and I was honored that I was able to be present within this wonderful landscape, the Masters and Dragons who had a watchful eye over the valley. During my stay I hoped to awaken my spirit and find out who I was and what that would mean for me to participate in this life. Where was my journey going to take me? I could only hope that my time was well spent here, making the most of what I needed to address and learn. read more


Sacred Journeys

March, 2002 by Shantara

We have been involved in ongoing sacred journey work for as long as we have been conscious of a spiritual destiny. I have traveled in this way for several decades. If you have read any of my books you will know I consider this work with the earth an integral part of any spiritual path. I cannot emphasize enough the benefits and wisdom gained when we are graced by the knowledge of divine mother to move in sacredness on the earth. read more


About Sacred Mountain Retreat Center

March, 2002 by Shantara Mu

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Coming to Sacred Mountain

February, 2006 by Manisha Ma

My experience here at the retreat has been unlike any other place that I have lived. After all the places I have traveled this is the first place I have lived and felt truly at home. I NEVER thought I would love living in the mountains so much. The power of the mountains has helped me in the deepest part of my being. There is something very unique and special here. read more


Sacred Mountain Retreat

August, 2011 by Narayana

The term retreat, understood within the limited framework of social consciousness, is not what I am addressing here. The retreat I am here to share about is not a publicly known retreat, open to the masses, to do morning yoga sets and spend some time away from the world to unwind, later to return refreshed and ready for more. No, this retreat represents much more, and one can merely attempt to describe the indescribable with words. read more


Sacred Mountain Retreat: An Inside Look

January, 2005 by Joshua and Jaima

As a student of this school, I wanted to share with any and all whom are coming our way, an inside look at what it is about. For those of you whom have been looking for years, for something more than the entry level teachings on spiritual path, practice, and way of life. read more


Sacred Transmission from the Eternal Masters

November, 2008 by Shantara Mu Khalsa

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Guidelines for Potential Students

February, 2003 by VIrochana Khalsa

A teacher has a unique and different relationship with each student whom they serve. This relationship is one of the most sacred of all relationships, and one that takes time to understand. For some, a teacher is simply a conveyor of information that may or may not be helpful to them. Similar to the ways of a schoolteacher, the skill and heart behind the way this information is conveyed can have a big impact on how it is received. Likewise, a book can be a source of teachings for us. However, within the context of the spiritual path, the student-teacher relationship is much, much more than this. It has the ability to transform not only our immediate life, but also the manner of our soul and bring us to the doorstep of liberation. It has a long-term objective, which can span many lifetimes. read more


2012 The Collective Divine Awakening

February, 2012 by Shantara

It is vital that people interested in becoming an initiate/practitioner within this Eternal Earth School understand the importance of living on Sacred ground with awareness. Many of the Earth’s Sacred Temples that have stood for tens of thousands of years as places of prayer/activation/healing/transmission have now become places where ordinary unenlightened people come to build housing developments and tourist spots, and no spiritual preparation is asked of them, no spiritual education given before they enter into these Sacred grounds. read more


A Wonderful Story To Bring In the New Year - 2004

January, 2004 by Shantara Mu Khalsa

Christmas time for us has always been a sacred time. It is for us a time to leave mass consciousness and go within to receive the spiritual blessings that abound.Christmas is the end of another yearly episode and the moment of shifting into the incoming renewal. It is an opportune time to view ones lifestream and consciously invite the blessings of perception and determination to change that which needs to change so as one can continue to move forwards stronger than ever before with spiritual integration in the physical challenges. read more


Dragons of the Planetary Tantric School

August, 2011 by Shantara Mu Khalsa

Many dragons have always been dragons in their own evolutionary line. Many are also advanced yogis taking form as dragons, who will retake form as human again for full ascension in the human evolutionary line. The dragons of the One oversee the planetary grids, earth temples, portals to other star realms, sacred sites, blessing all of this in unseen ways. read more


Evo Morales

August, 2013 by Amrita

Evo Morales is my hero for Panchamama, being the first world President to pass the Law of the Rights of Mother Earth. This law recognizes our sacred Mother Earth, and all beings in her, as a living entity with equal legal rights as human beings. read more


Horse Yoga

April, 2016 by Shantara Mu

One of the Great Blessings of Crestone and our backyard from Sacred Mountain Retreat, in Colorado, is that it is truely Heaven for horses, NO fences and endless miles of wilderness, freedom to just to get on your horse and ride!! Great sand, dirt and trails along and up the mountains, by the rivers, and thru the Aspen&#39;s, pines, pinons, and neighborhood dirt roads. So few people and ssoo much quiet space. <br/> Yoga is communion, the linking of spirit and matter, body soul, connected to the wholeness of Great Mother&#39;s body, air water fire plants soil, all her life abundant everlasting and a gift to us HUman. Energy is consciousness and consciousness is LOVE, we are all that, big and small, finite, infinite. read more


Peru Journey 2012

July, 2012 by Narayana

The Blessings of Peru, of Panchamama herself, are beyond what could ever be put into words, even glanced at, with the outer mind. These Blessings are readily available for those whose Providence is ripe and have the Willing heart, and are here, as warriors, as protectors and keepers of the sacred. I was brought into Peru, through the Grace of my Beloved Teachers and the Masters we serve. Within the embrace of Panchamama, and through the Grace of my Teachers, a quickening was initiated. read more

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