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My Two Cents
a Blessing from Hari Baba

by Virochana Khalsa June, 2015

Hari BabaA few years back we came into the company of the incomparable Hari Baba. He is the guru of Pilot Baba, and while no longer in the physical body, he can project a body that can be seen and touched for a period of time. Pilot Baba writes in his books of how Hari Baba after saving him, or giving him a significant teaching, would always ask for 2 rupees.

About three years ago, in Peru he came 24/7 for 3 weeks of activity, and then remained close to us after that. During this time, a number of us did a service together which besides having a great benefit, was an introduction to see how we could all work together. He brought about 20 naga babas in their astral bodies to help. Dhaya Dorje Yogi was part of this, and it was an amazing time. Hari Baba at times employs a crazy wisdom that can only be understood through the unfoldment of time. On the last night in Peru, at an airport hotel in Lima, Hari Baba came in dream and presented his mandala of the universe.

As we were in the airport, he then manifested a couple of 2 rupee coins in my hand. One for Shantara, and one for me.

So sometimes you will see me signing my posts or comments, my two cents.

Hari Om Tat Sat

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