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About Crestone, Colorado

by Shantara Mu March, 2002

Historically, Crestone is part of the area known as the bloodless valley, held as a safe haven by the Indian tribes of this region for thousands of years. Crestone is in south-central Colorado two and a quarter hours north of Taos, New Mexico and an hour south of Salida.

The majestic and protective Sangre De Christos mountain range, towering over 14,000', sits above the valley as a part of the great spine of the Rocky Mountain range. These mountains above Crestone act as a portal of "Shambhalla" bringing the Eternal Light of divine grace into the land.

This light of wisdom blesses the land with a feeling of sacredness and these mountains overlook the 8,000' high desert of the San Luis valley. The Indian tribes that surrounded this area recognized the sacredness of the area and chose it as a place of ceremony and reconciliation of any dispute. No blood was allowed to be shed here in anger, thus the name "bloodless valley."

Unfortunately the abundance of sacred water here in the underground aquifier is currently threatened as there are those who strive to take the waters out of the valley into the cities. This is putting a strain on the agriculture of the valley.

Tashi Gomang Stupa in CrestoneThe power of these mountains drew a spiritual leader, the Karamarpa of Tibet to Crestone in his previous incarnation and he requested a large stupa to be built. Stupas increase and magnetize the spiritual power of the areas they are in. He also called Crestone the New Tibet recognizing its spiritual importance for the USA. Since then numerous Tibetan (including Dilgo Khyentse), Bhutanese and other Buddhist teachers , and spiritual groups of other traditions have come to Crestone to build sanctuaries and retreats, all adding to the sacredness and protection of the land.

As we were divinely guided to Crestone, so too, many who come immediately feel the power of the land and are filled with gratitude to be able to meditate here.

We see Crestone as one of the of the most important places spiritually in the USA, that will survive the increasing turmoil of now, and will thrive to become a successful model of "the enlightened unified field of light" where peace and harmony will be at the core of the practice community.

Yeshe Ma, Our Little Dragon

Yeshe, our beloved retreat guardian, and little dragon of Sacred Mountain came to us March of 2013.

Yeshe She was three months old and very much a puppy in every way. She chose us quickly and said take me home! So soft and sweet, yet so fearless from a very young age. She has a lot of land, 40 acres, and lots of fellow four leggeds, 5 horses (about to be 6), to call her family and to protect. She just had a litter of seven beautiful and strong puppies on February 18th, 2014. She mated with her best friend who is part wolf! She is one of the best teachers we could have hoped for. She causes all of us to be aware of what is going on with the land, to face our fears and shares with us what it is like to be a mother of 7. She is a super mom who sacrifices her body, time, and energy for her babies. It’s the most amazing and precious experience to be a part of and watch her grow along her journey. She does not waste any time in approaching everything head on and in her full capacity. We love her in every way and are so proud of her.

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