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Experiencing a Mini Yuga in Samadhi

by Virochana Khalsa July, 2015

There is a cycling of greater and lesser periods of divine harmony and awareness of which it is said to take many thousands of years, known as a ‘yuga’.

One time while taking a break from my inner service to a 11 day fire ceremony in the Himalayas, but still in deep meditation, I went up to a light that an immortal brought forth in me and above the large tent.

There I met Shiva and sat with him in his eternal samadhi.

The chanting of hundreds of people in the fire ceremony, 'Om Aim Hreem Kleem Chamundayai Vichee Swaha' continued very harmoniously and powerfully. We experienced it as a harmony within the body of the one of the people there.

Then the electrical power was lost so the leader of the chant no longer had a microphone, and within what seemed like only a second, the chanting stopped, and there was just this noise of hundreds of different people talking away in gossip, little things, etc., like a bunch of monkeys. This was like the body of the one out of harmony with itself.

After what I guess was ten minutes or so of this chatter, the power was restored, and again in what I experienced as only a second or two, the chanting started again in perfect harmony and beauty.

Sitting with Shiva, I experienced a mini version of the yugas.

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