Sacred Mountain Retreat

Tantra of the Beloved

by Virochana Khalsa

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$22.00 each


Coaches you on how to develop your self-radiant light body in an integrated manner with your physicality. It includes intimate relationship, emotions, the ascended masters and bringing forth the twin flame relationship. Also covered is purifying inner guidance, discovering your stellar attributes, and relationship with the earth and its family of awakened & eternally conscious beings. Does not separate the process of development from your environment. Filled with practical, experiential techniques that are not bound to any dogma. 600 pages of ground-breaking, incredibly broad and rich material.

  • Finding Fulfillment
  • Essence
  • Tantra
  • Facets of Tantra
  • White Tantra
  • Red Tantra
  • Emotions
  • Emotional Qualities
  • Emotions and the Tattvas
  • I AM The Self Cleansing Power
  • Karmic Cellular Memory
  • Personal Development and Guidance
  • Escape or Embrace
  • Naturally One
  • The Empowered Man and Woman
  • The Beloved Twin Ray
  • The Family of Masters Awakened in Oneness
  • Rays of Life
  • Stellar Karmas
  • Realms Above the Head and the New Dispensation
  • Inner Worlds of our Earth
  • Elements of the Mandala
  • Creating the Eternal Body

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