Sacred Mountain Retreat

Recharging Prana Technique

by Virochana Khalsa January, 2001

Virochana practicing recharging prana

It is advisable that a few warm-up exercises are done first. Sit with a straight spine. Extend the arms in front of you parallel to the floor with palms up. The sides of the palms are only a few inches apart. There are two ways of breathing:

Method One: Focus on the visualization, the magnetic movement of energy and breathe naturally. The arms move even more slowly than in method two, perhaps one or two minutes per cycle

Method Two: Very slowly inhale as you sweep the arms back taking 15 to 30 seconds, keeping the arms horizontal. Then slowly exhale as you slowly return the arms to the original position. Thus one complete breath takes from 30 to 60 seconds.

Feel the electromagnetic potency and attraction between your arms. As the arms move forward resist their attraction, which helps to build the energy. Feel prana condensing through the top of the head into the body and to the arms and hands where it mixes with energy absorbed from the hands. There is a soft ball of energy collecting at the top of the head, which has a connection to the palms of your hands. As you move your arms and hands, this moves the energy at the top of your head into a greater relationship with your body.

This should stimulate the head centers, which in turn will stimulate the navel and sexual energy. If you do not feel this, then move some of your attention downwards. The navel or solar plexus chakra must become activated before the energy can be used by the body in any quantity.

Feel a cooling, refreshing cloud of substance swirling up from the earth beneath you and into you through the increased activity of the navel area. Allow a relaxed spacious feeling in the back of the head. The eyes are relaxed and will focus where appropriate (but do not let the mind become distract­ed). Every once in a while concentrate on a small bright point of light within the center of the throat. Sometimes you may want to move energy up and down through the center of the body. The building of a central core of energy in your body is a gradual and important part of the practice. Eventually the body feels as if it is swimming within itself.

As energy moves through the arms and into the spine, it will clear blockages in the shoulders and the back of the heart. This is a gradual occurrence.

>Continue for 5 to 40 min­utes, then relax the arms and move the hands back and forth several inches apart in front of the heart center. Look between the hands with relaxed eyes, maintaining a straight spine and neck. Build the magnetic energy between your hands. After several minutes bring the palms over the chest and breath in the energy as a blessing. Feel the balance, open spaciousness, and vitality which you have created. Then sit silently for a while (very important).

This Kriya:

  • Recharges depleted tissues
  • Rebuilds and strengthens your self-image.
  • Increases the activity of the solar centers and the absorption of free energy. This extra absorption of subtle energy strengthens the nervous system and allows the body to live on less physical food. To enhance this, you may wish to visualize a golden earthy radiance and reflect that you can absorb nutritive energy from within the earth, your food, your environment, and even your thoughts.

Part of absorbing subtle energy is to coax your cells to do it. As an example, sit silently and cover yourself with liquid light, painting it on everywhere. Get into the mind-set whereby you feel this liquid light being absorbed into the physical tissues. Continue to breathe deep and full into the lower torso, while directing the soft energy of the breath into the tissues. Mix the soft energy of the breath and the painted on light together, and feel that mixing occur. You may want to focus on one area to start with. If you are absorbing the energy properly, you will feel or imagine the painted on light evaporating into the cells. Keep putting on more and more, letting it be absorbed. Give the light thickness, substance, color, tangibility. Sense the light which has evaporated into the cells, recondense into a real physical rejuvenating elixir. You can do this for as long as you want, all the while feeling more and more rejuvenated, elevated and grounded, with no sense of overload or tiredness at any time. While doing this you should also start to visualize the navel, heart, throat, and head chakras and an easy circulation between them. Feel them spatially within the body as part of the body. If you feel within your core a magnetic attraction of light, then the whole process is more effortless.

Another aspect to sense, is a subtle and steady flow of very fine prana entering from all directions into your cells. Do not 'try' to visualize it, rather allow it and then once you can sense this, let your visualization work together with the feeling as it is occurring, without overriding the effortless awareness of very fine prana streaming from everywhere into your body.

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