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The Essence of Kriya

February, 2016 by Virochana Khalsa

Kriya is an active synthesis of breath, visualization, mental focus, repetition, discipline, internal alchemy, a good nature, and posture to internalize our awareness. In contrast to a passive approach, which also has its place, kriya charges and directs the current of your mind and breath, which keeps you engaged as you ride it into a deeper centering of presence. read more

A Journey into Embodied Awareness with the Nagas

December, 2015 by Virochana Khalsa

A Naga is a subtle elemental entity with a predominance of watery, somewhat spacious essence who resides primarily within the subtle dimensions of our earth. In such kingdoms reside individuals ranging from relative beginners to masters of almost incomprehensible development expressing through all levels of creation in an enlightened continuum. ... and here we come back to my earlier statement of Nagas having a predominance towards the water element. read more

Experiencing a Mini Yuga in Samadhi

July, 2015 by Virochana Khalsa

One time while taking a break from my inner service to a 11 day fire ceremony in the Himalayas, but still in deep meditation, I went up to a light that an immortal brought forth in me and above the large tent. There I met... read more

Awakening Beyond the Mind with Eternal Yoga

January, 2016 by Virochana Khalsa

Eternal Yoga, a term given to me at the end of a winter retreat in the Himalayas, is a set of practices where we go above our head to discover our eternal nature beyond conceptualization and individuality, while at the same time increasing our individual definition. This brings forth a conscious continuum where we know for ourselves what is our spirit, our soul, and the weaving into our embodiment. read more

Developing a Continuity of Practice

August, 2015 by Virochana Khalsa

Most of us reading this journal are more or less engaged in a spiritual practice, such as meditation, which as it becomes a daily practice is formally called sadhana. However, despite the best of intentions, there is often dramatic variations of clarity over the days, such that sometimes it is just like starting again from scratch. I will share some tips to better carry forth a momentum from one sitting to the next, and in the process develop a greater integration... read more

How to Meditate More Effectively

September, 2002 by Virochana

The best temple for meditation is your own body. Trying to hear inner words, trying to see a light, are all examples of disconnection. You already know what the aliveness of your heart feels like, and a quiet attention without words. Cultivate these qualities through the sense, “Today I will go deeper.” Deeper is not a manipulation of thoughts, Rather, it is an activation of the heart – love. It is truth, this is it. It is not thinking I will move my arm, it is actually moving my arm. It is multidimensional. It is the spark and ecstasy of your spirit, softened into love, then loved into ecstasy in an endless dance. read more

Journey to the Eternal Grace Light

March, 2009 by Dhaya Dorje

In Ati yoga, the first level of transformation is toward the rainbow body. It is working with the essence of the five elements and the knowledge of your primordial nature. Many yogis have reached such a realization. Then we have the great transfer that only a few yogis, such as Guru Rimpoche and Vimalamitra, have realized. Vallalar’s realization is a little different but the base is the same: realize and be in your primordial state, express the Compassion emanating from your real nature, and be open to receive the Grace Light. This is working with the white and golden lights. read more

Key Understandings and Terminology

July, 2002 by Virochana

Spirituality, the art of knowing our spirit, is a very blissful affair. Nectar is our essence that makes spirit knowable in form and creating a body of nectar is a science that any of us can do. The first book of this series, Cultivating a Body of Nectar, gives methods to create enough clarity and vitality to cultivate the nectars of bliss. read more

Kriya is in Essence a Love of Awareness and Energy

April, 2017 by Virochana Khalsa

Kriya is in essence a love of awareness and energy within our body. The application of this love through focus, skillful means, and presence brings an inner centering and stability; awakening us as radiant light and nectar flame. read more

Kriya, Eternal Yoga and Tantra

July, 2002 by Virochana

Kundalini Kriya Yoga, Eternal Yoga, and the Tantras is what is practiced within the retreat center, and thus taught to those who are sincere. One of the graces, within this center, is how it is taught through a balance of masculine and feminine approach. read more

Relationship of Kriya, Tantra, and Dzogchen from a Yogic Perspective

September, 2002 by Virochana Khalsa

This article is presented for those wanting to progress far on the spiritual path. read more

The Grace of the Teacher

February, 2102 by Amrita

I had a strong daily practice and in this, I was experiencing a certain steady bliss. I knew that in order to truly apply myself into Mastery, I needed a teacher who was able to show me my blind spots. A teacher grounded and awake in the cosmic precision of Oneness In Action. read more

The Great Perfection

July, 2002 by Virochana

The Great Perfection is in essence a view and not a technique, being the state of enlightenment. Through deepening, transmission, and surrender, we taste the Great Perfection and then diligently blossom this awareness into fruition. It is similar to sitting on the beach at sunset gazing at the ocean, so vast, fluid, and eternal. read more

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