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Piercing the Inner Veils with Ong Kar

by Virochana Khalsa January, 2001

You will make quite a bit of sound with this practice, so you will need a place where you can do that without being distrubed.

This Kriya purifies misunderstanding and awakens a continual and profound sense of inner radiance originating from within. It brings an experience of purity. Intellectuality is overcome and you are able to both speak from the heart and hear what is really being said underneath all that is spoken to you. By continuing to cultivate the inner space this practice opens you enter the rarefied realms within the heart. As the heart becomes pure, everything is seen as connected to the “one” or highest self of all, despite contradictions which may appear in outer life. It is a very blissful practice.

This is a good practice to do as a preliminary to subtle tantric meditations within the heart and the surrounding channels, such as taught in the completion stages of tantric meditation.

Bring the hands in front of the Heart center and interlock the thumbs. The left palm faces flat down, the right palm faces forward. The two hands are at a 90 degree angle to each other.

Inhale and powerfully chant: “ONNGGG KAARA”

Focus either in the heart or the throat center. Sense a small sphere of clear-like light originating from that point, and reside within that point. The “ONG” is very forceful — like a vibrating machine. Feel the vibration in the guts, the head, and most important, feel the purity of the sound in the heart center. Finish with a short “Kaara.” “Kar” rhythms with “car” except the “r” is more of a hard sound as the tongue flicks against the upper pallet. As the tongue leaves the upper pallet a short and slight “a” sound follows, with a sense of going forward in time and space.

Virochana practicing piercing the inner veils with Ong Kaar

Start with 11 minutes, practice for a week or two, then increase to 45 or 60 minutes for a minimum of six weeks. In every repetition use all your attention to really vibrate the “ONG” sound and put some power behind it. It may take a few weeks for the throat to adjust and thus it is wise to build the time gradually. If you vibrate the mantra as such it will definitely cause the glands to secrete, giving a feeling and chemistry of youth, freshness and purity. Intensity also keeps the mind focussed. Be sure to internalize the sound at the same time that you are giving external force to it.

When finished chanting, inhale deep, hold the breath, apply the locks, and slightly tighten the back of the neck. Hold as long as comfortable. Exhale and relax the breath. Remain very still and in the after effect. Then stretch the hands over head and move the body a bit, feeling the simplicity and happiness of life. Become the conscious creator of thought, as well as the receiver of thought. “Ong” is the infinite sea of vibration as it manifest into form. “Kaar” is the creation that comes forth from this infinite sea. Thus Ong Kaar is radiant form and formless radiance, the one taste, also known as Ati.

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