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About Virochana and Shantara

by Shantara Mu March, 2002

Whitecloud (Shantara) with CaliberMy spiritual journey began as a young child well loved and protected in a safe harmonious environment in New Zealand. Awareness of the eternal light, reincarnation, other dimensions, and visits from angelic beings lead me away from social unenlightened imprinting.

I have always felt I was on a mountain top observing the behavior of humans around me, and knowing I was here to participate in something of greater meaning than the 9-5 conditioned consciousness.

My natural maturing lead me to my first outer teacher in 1975 (for more read my story "The Way of the Goddess"). Here I was blessed with omnipotent, transcendental transmissions and transformations to reawaken my eternal true nature.For me love was and is the beginning middle and end of the spiritual path. Without love the spiritual path is dry and unfulfilling never bearing fruit of eternal significance.

Mine was never an intellectual seeking, rather a return and immersion into my true nature. Silence and stillness of mind, was always my greatest doorway to teachings and nature always protected me from unnecessary involvement with unenlightened beings.

Being a true yogini I always knew I was here to awaken the beloved within and without, no duality, no separation. My first master gave me a taste of what that would be. I passed thru other teachers and teachings, and received the blessings of all those practices and growthful lessons up until 1986.

I have also been fortunate to have been given 7 names as I passed thru spiritual doorways. This ongoing transference of energy has helped me be ever new, ever changing, and ever-beyond attachment to name or form. I was ever pushed to strengthen the connection to the light "That I AM" beyond name and individualized form.

My family of eternal ascended masters guided me when necessary to make certain I would stay on track with my spiritual destiny

VirochanaIn 1987 I was directed to Hawaii to meet my eternal twin-ray counter part. This occurred on the auspicious planetary pivotal moment of August 1987. We were betrothed and joined as husband and wife to fulfill our service to humanity, and complete our personal ascension.

The energy of the twin-ray coming to earth has been a rare and barely recorded event, documented only in a few scriptural writings.

We have been given the mandate to bring the teachings of the twin-ray, along with the ascension path of the eternal light to the world, in today's confusing, unstable climate. Our language is not tied to any documented tradition, it embraces aspects of many seemingly differing pathways. Our language is ever-fresh and evolving as the "unified field of the ONE light" is able to manifest thru the human psyche at this time.

We are however eternally united with various already fully ascended masters who are part of the divine blueprint for the task to spiritualize the form of humanity. This unified connection should NOT be mistaken as the same as the dualistic partially connected consciousness called channelling...

ShantaraWe offer in our teachings, well documented yogic disciplines, and practices to open the body temple for light, - essential to spiritual development. We additionally call upon potential students to be spiritually mature enough to engage into the bigger picture of the unified light, and wanting to be THAT. I am personally always in an ongoing practice.

Virochana and Shantara 2009We have been together as a twin-ray couple since the harmonic convergence (August of 1987). As each of us has over twenty years of teaching experience, combined with a continued and dynamic personal spiritual growth, we believe we are in a profound position to benefit others in their spiritual application. This training and direct experience enables us to assist people through the complex process to become established in the Ascended Body.

There is a unique balance when the enlightened man and woman are brought together, which can penetrate through so many of the imbalances, difficulties and distortions prevalent in the spiritual arena. When the male and female energy is in balance, the need of rigid outer structure falls away. Thus more than our training and expertise in the tantric and yogic arts, is this union graced within the underlying radiant nature of the body of oneness.

budda-outside-domeIn the spiritual journey it is impossible to skip the preliminary and intermediate practices of integration. We help sincere practitioners recreate themselves in their divine image and return to their eternal light through various skillful means and insight, such as dynamic yoga, kriya, eternal yoga, emotional integration, connection with the earth, and multidimensional activations For us, all of life is within the dance of Tantra.

Blending our being with the one mind-heart-body of the ascended masters is the fruit of our spiritual path. For us, this lineage includes Padmasambhava, otherwise known as Mahavatar BabaJi and Krishna, Tara (Radha), Meru (Garab Dorje), AraMu (Vajrayogini), El Morya (Guru Gobind Singh), Yeshe Tzyogel, St Germain, Nada, Jesus, Mary, Koothumi (Guru Ram Dass of the Sikhs), Leto, and other tantric masters. To aid this blending and re-awakening we use Eternal Yoga, which is a way of connecting to and integrating with our buddhic awareness. As this initiatory activation is entered, integration into the continuum of our beingness through all levels is perhaps the area where we can most be of assistance to each person who is with us.

Virochana in MauiWe encourage people to grow into their own unique mastery. The Ascension teachings, otherwise known as an aspect of the higher tantras require both fluidity and discipline; thus best suited to those whose life is to breathe the very fabric of creation. Our approach is dynamic, believes in the truth of the body, and is very direct while respecting the timing of each individual.

Since we are teachers and guides on the tantric path, our approach is not bound within social or religious boxes. Where there is pain, we will help bring that out, where there is distortion, we will help that to be seen, where there is suppression or unconsciousness, we will, in appropriate timing, help you to see – always to keep things moving and forward in the ever-expanding-perfection.

Virochana- on Tayani If you want self mastery, spiritual freedom and full knowingness of your divine nature, and your disposition is honest, positive and sincere, self-motivated and responsible, then you demonstrate the underlying traits of a tantrika, and we would be honored to take part in your victory. Some people resonate with our direct approach more than others. Therefore, rather than an open-door policy, we are discerning with whom we form a teaching relationship. If you feel that what we offer fits with what you want, then contact us and we can open a dialog.


Feel free to contact us by e-mail if you would like to meet us. Our books contain further information. Read the Tantric School page about the different aspects of our work.

When you are ONE you have WON!

-- Have a happy day --

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