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The Spiritual Importance of Peru

by Arinaya November, 2007

There are relatively few places on the planet where an energy of high spiritual activation continues to be held by Masters of the Eternal Light as a blessing presence to those who are open to it. Peru is one of these places: the Peruvian Andes are spiritually alive and potent and contain countless inner teachings and transmissions for anyone moving forward on their path of mastery and Ascension.

Along with the Himalayas, the Andean mountains form a spiritual axis for the planet, with the Himalayas forming the masculine polarity, and the Andes the feminine. Both regions are spiritually potent centers for the reception and transmission of energies entering into the fabric of the planet from higher dimensions. Therefore, this region carries a strong blessing of the divine feminine, of Pachamama, of the Earth and of the enlightened beings who literally form the inner fabric of the Earth.

Meru and Aramu Peru has an ancient spiritual heritage and presents a unique opportunity to those who are prepared spiritually for the transmissions she has to offer. There are several spiritual cultures and lineages that have established themselves in Peru, some known and some unknown to the public; all of them have contributed to the atmosphere of spiritual charge that exists in places such as the Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu and Lake Titicaca, and we can receive communications and inner transmissions from the beings who continue to inhabit these places on the inner planes.

Peru is also one of the places where the wisdom of the Lemurian civilization was transplanted to in ancient times, and is preserved even to this day. The country therefore has much to offer to those who are ready to receive the inner teachings and transmissions of the New Energy that is coming forth upon the Earth at this time. This New Consciousness sees the Earth as Divine, recognizes the spiritual Truth of the manifestation, of life, of relationship, of embodiment. This is a wisdom that was much more prevalent in the civilization of Mu, but which was withdrawn during subsequent cycles of human civilization so that the mass consciousness could complete certain developments and karmas more rapidly. However, in the Incan and many other cultures, the time we are presently living in is known as the Dawn of a New Consciousness, which heralds the emergence of a more spiritually enlightened culture. Even though for the mass of humanity this is a new emergence, the Knowledge and living transmissions of the path of Ascension and Divine Life have been preserved in Peru since ancient times, mostly in secret, yet plainly visible to anyone who is conscious within.

meru doorway Perhaps for this very reason, Peru has also been the scene of much struggle between what one could call the Dark and Light forces. Shamanic misuse of power, distortion of the light, psychic power-plays, and plain old manipulation are relatively commonplace here. While to an unconscious person, this might be troublesome, to a spiritual practitioner it presents a fertile opportunity for inner growth. On one hand, it allows us a more tangible connection to parts of ourselves which have participated in these very power-plays in the past, and thus an opportunity for integration and healing of the shadow-self. Often when we begin aligning ourselves to the Light, we pretend that we are somehow above the Darkness or that no part of us lives in it, which is a hopeless delusion. On the other hand, confrontation with such powerful forces of inner manipulation and distortion gives us a sink-or-swim opportunity to stand more firmly in our central alignment to the Divine, to stand in our spiritual power and to manifest the inner qualities of strength, courage, clarity, determination and resilience—in a word, to be a Spiritual Warrior.

For these and many other reasons, a pilgrimage to the sacred spaces of Peru can be extremely beneficial to those who are moving forward on the path of Ascension—a path that takes us beyond the limitations of our collective Past and transforms us into awakened vessels of the eternal Consciousness and Power.

In Love and Service

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