Sacred Mountain Retreat

The Planetary School and the Tantra of Community

by Narayana February, 2012

teyane-headIt is truly a magical time that is upon us. This feeling/knowing is shared by many, and is a common thread uniting beings from various cultures and spiritual disciplines. It is a window into the Inevitable Coming Together. The rapid evolution and cleansing of the Earth is obviously engaged, with a sense of much more to come. Virochana says we are in the calm before the storm. This rings true to me, growing louder every day, almost moment to moment, as the lessons/completions happening within me and around me are exponential; a profound ground of opportunity for rapid awakening. To the uninitiated, the world reflects turmoil, chaos, and a lack of hope. To the practitioner, this chaos is surely recognized, but paralleling the current of PERFECTION. As the old paradigm crumbles, the Forever True flowers into being, its obviousness fragrant of a joy that laughs for no reason at all. It is Time.

The Providence of our Beloved Earth and her inhabitants is not separate. Truly, It is through Her Grace that the Tantra of the Beloved will be manifest. Our Lady Master Shantara Ma calls it the Collective Divine Awakening, and rightly so. As it is the recognition and application of the Perfection of Being that Earth and the souls that share her Providence are now becoming.

Sacred Community is the destiny of the school. It is the way of harmony, living within the inherent wholeness we all share. This sounds poetic, but is also very literal. Until the beings on this Earth recognize and LIVE the wholeness that they ARE, they will most certainly live in separation and a karma based existence. The groundwork of natural living and purification must be established. This community is a complete return back to living in complete harmony with nature.

flower-01For the success of such a community, there must be a commitment to mastery in form. Always overshadowed by the application of ones Highest Light into form, we must also become masters of form itself. Everyone has their unique gifts, talents, and obvious skills. Some have an affinity towards working with plants and growing food. Others, the complete holistic caring of our animals. Many feel drawn to relationship and care for the children. Others are adept builders, consciously wielding tools and sacred Earth resources to create sustainable shelters and infrastructures. Others hold the light to transmit teachings and practices. A few, like Master Virochana, have practically all of these skills. The New, yet Eternally True Spirituality is a mastery on all fronts. This is the School of Embrace, not escape. For those who feel called to be apart of this Sacred Community, one must show up TOTALLY, here, on this Earth. One of the greatest teachings I have received to this day, from my Beloved Teacher Shantara Ma, is that of selfless service, service to something outside of myself, service to the bigger picture, reflected in the timeless mantra, “May All Beings Be Blessed.” Quickly realized is that this selfless service is a reflection of the service to the One, which includes ALL, which blesses yourSelf.

All parts of this Sacred Mandala must be present for the community to be successful and simply manifest. The yogis of the world must unite. It is the only way. A way based on the Oneness of all creation.

May your practice continually deepen, reflecting the Perfection of your existence. May you hone your Earth skills and apply them for the benefit and restoration of these Sacred Lands. May you truly awaken within the Tantra of the Beloved, and ceaselessly apply yourself on all fronts, burning the candle from all ends. May you Bless yourself and forever Bless all beings.

Om Ah Hung

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