Sacred Mountain Retreat

Inner Earth Temples of the Andes

by Arinaya September, 2011

When I used to meditate within the Earth, I would find there a body of mine, seated, in trance, Shiva-like, eyes always closed, inwardly absorbed—conscious and self-defined but not actively engaged; non-participatory. This changed four years ago when I journeyed to the Peruvian Andes. In the grace of timing and surrender, my subtle body opened into a wider, more vibrant becoming. Experiences I had had a hundred times in mental and buddhic bodies—of vastness, of simultaneity, of multiplicity, of seeing-by-being—became fused to the substance of physical awareness. And eventually, after much taunting by Parvati, that Shiva-body opened its eyes…

A few moments stand out against the kaleidoscopic backdrop of rich daily experiences. Amantani island, a Venusian outpost on the vast lake Titicaca. It is like the whole island is in Love, streaming with a divine joy: a truly potent inner Earth portal. Just stepping foot on this sacred soil will transform a soul permanently. Climbing to the top of the small peak where there is an ancient ‘temple to the Sun’, seated in meditation, feeling the island beneath me and the lake spread out all around, I happened to open my eyes. At that moment, a fireball erupted in the sky, streaming flame down to the Earth—so large, so bright was it that I thought the meteor must have landed in the lake, though we later learned it landed just to the south, in Bolivia. Synchronicity. Being in the right place at the right time to witness the indescribable. And feeling it all as One’s Body.

mp-amantani mp-titicaca

The Uros people, who have lived for thousands of years on reed barges on lake Titicaca. Such an uncomplicated joy of living upon the body of the Lake. I thought surely Shantara would be staying behind with them!

mp-reeds mp-kitty

Machu Picchu—and Wayna Picchu: I didn’t know until I arrived that at the very top of the mountain, there is a single house with a few terraces for growing food: the abode of the master. The whole mountain is made of crystal, vibrant, alive. I hiked around to the back of the mountain to the retreat caves, and somehow was left alone for a full hour, though I had passed a few tourists on the way. Vision opened up above my head and I could see myself walking about the compound in my aetheric body. The activations that are available on this sacred mountain are incomparable, even today.

mp-retreat-caves mp-wayna

Ollantaytambo, a more challenging energy, where the dark and the light have clashed on numerous occasions, forcing a soul to choose sides. Yet there the veils are thin and it is relatively easy to trace the lines of energy to their source, so that seed karmas may be seen, choices remade—or at least understood.


mp-arinayaCuzco—I got sick; the price paid for three weeks of openings and heightened sensitivity, then returning into the mass of all-too-human energy. This was exacerbated when I returned to the city I was living in at the time. I had the distinct perception that everything was made of cardboard, the people and even Matter were dead, void of that awakened current I had just been initiated into. This is why it is so important that we re-form and renew the sacred Earth Temples, in full consciousness and collaboration with the awakened energies of the planet—and without all the human trappings. This requires true practitioners, who are able, ready and willing to transcend their humanity—and this in turn requires first-hand experience (otherwise it is all just a nice idea), which results from initiation into the Energy of the planetary ‘school’ or ‘dragon court’. This Energy has been held by the Earth’s Dragons for hundreds of thousands of years, with one of its most potent centers located in the Andean mountains. For those souls who are ready and who know this to be their path, these initiations are indispensable.

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