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Kriya, Eternal Yoga and Tantra

by Virochana July, 2002

khaliber-2010Kundalini Kriya Yoga, Eternal Yoga, and the Tantras is what is practiced within the retreat center, and thus taught to those who are sincere. One of the graces, within this center, is how it is taught through a balance of masculine and feminine approach.

Kriyas are meditative techniques, typically using the breath, visualization, posture, and sometimes movement to vitalize and purify our physical and subtle embodiment.

Through the combination of giving the mind something to do, and then guiding the mind with the breath, Kriya has the ability to take us wherever we stand into a deeper and very alive primal experience of ourselves.

White Tara

Kriya cuts through intellectual mind and unruly emotions alike. These scientifically applied techniques are tools we can use to develop and maintain clarity. With this clarity, it is much easier to apply ourselves on the spiritual path.

PG1695_220Kriya can be applied in various degrees of intensity and completeness, suited to the practitioner, what they need, and how they want to develop. In its more complete variety, it is not just the hours of practice, often quite enjoyable, but also the ins and outs of life that we find ourselves integrating into a spiritual understanding. For example, our attitudes, diet, ambitions, loves, etc.

While Kriya creates a foundation, it is unlikely that it will bring us all the way on the path. The next step is to further awaken within our buddhic nature. That is, we experience ourselves within the framework of pure consciousness present within the body of oneness, which we call reality. For this, techniques of what we call Eternal Yoga are invaluable.

IAM_PRS2_100In Eternal Yoga we use a short-cut method of going above our head and connecting directly with our soul and spirit. This is done in conscious relationship with the body, and through the instinctual direction of going within, in a pure sense, developed through our foundational practices, we further purify and awaken. Without this, a pursuit of this path can degenerate into getting lost in the endless phenomenal plays of our illusions. In this stage an appropriate teacher is very, very helpful.

Whitecloud (shantara)As the continuum of subtle and physical embodiment becomes clearer within the transparent nature of reality and our consciousness presence, and we have taken the path into ourselves, rather than projecting it in neurosis, then through a combination of enjoying the bliss and feeling that bliss in a way of love for others, and through the blessings from those established in the yogic body of oneness, we become motivated and fit to practice the tantric path in earnest.

Tantra is the inner temple, it is the grounding and awakening of the central channel, and without this tantra is only a word thrown around through the desire body. Tantra incorporates life itself, but never in a dull way. It challenges us at our very core to deal with everything we have not dealt with, and it throws it all to the winds of illusion in the cultivation of bliss. It is a living and very real relationship with the masters. It becomes simpler and simpler, expansive, and incredibly exact.

Tantric_200In Tantra we bring everything we have previously developed into a sharpening within our core energy. Many people misunderstand the science and art of tantra as meaning sexual practices and techniques. Tantra, as part of its embrace, can use the blissful sexual energy, and for many this is vitally important. But it should be understood, that without a prior development of purity and energy control and the ability to draw the consciousness to and radiate forth from the inner core of our being, as a centering, then it is impossible to equate sexual experience as a tantric reality. That is not to deny the beauty, intimacy and value of more ordinary sexual embrace, but it is important to understand the true potential of what we are talking about here.

vc_teachingThe higher tantric path develops an ascended body. It is the continuum of form and consciousness.

We have several books that go into this subject in greater depth. You may want to read an excerpt from Cultivating a Body of Nectar, Kriya Yoga and Tantric Foundations and an excert from Tantra as a Complete Path.

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