Sacred Mountain Retreat

The Grace of the Teacher

by Amrita February, 2102

"Jinee Naam Dhiaaiaa Gay Masakat Ghaal Nanak Tay Mukh Ujalay Kaytee Chhutee Naal"

"Those Who Meditate on the Name of God Having Worked by the Sweat of Their Brow Oh Nanak, How Their Faces Are Radiant And Many Are Benefitted By Them"

For those devoted to sincere Self-Mastery ~ the Planetary Tantric School is a field where the Pristine nectars of self-application make roots, and naturally blossom the exquisite Inner God Presence.

I am full of gratitude for the Masterful touch which guides me ever more clearly to the Radiance Within, through the Blessing presence of my beloved teachers Shantara Ma and Virochana Khalsa.

I will share about my experiences of being in the school.

Before coming to Sacred Mountain I had been studying Virochana and Shantara’ s books for several months, applying the techniques and wisdom therein with deep results. The radiant transmissions received through these books inspired healthy inner alignments and karmic resolutions to simply, naturally occur.

I had a strong daily practice and in this, I was experiencing a certain steady bliss. I knew that in order to truly apply myself into Mastery, I needed a teacher who was able to show me my blind spots. A teacher grounded and awake in the cosmic precision of Oneness In Action.

After some time of building energy in this manner, I felt strongly drawn to meeting Shantara and Virochana. In their blessing presence, I got more than I asked for!

Clarity, self-responsibility and willingness to let fire consume to the Truth are fundamental qualities that any student must have to be here.

The energy of the school at the Sacred Mountain Retreat in Crestone is resonant with the mountains themselves: sharp, clearly defined, with things that will poke hard if you don't watch where your step. Demanding effort, perseverance and dedication to navigate.

It is the Highest Providence, the essence of Purity itself that reveals truth in these ways to the Seeker.

The blessing presence of Shantara Ma and Virochana Khalsa, may they be ever infinitely blessed, is full of skillful mastery. They have different styles of returning students to themselves. Virochana patiently guides our practice with Divine Precision, Clear Vision and an Awakened Heart. Shantara moves energy as the very embodiment of our Divine Earth Mother. She shakes the ground, carves with water and breathes fire ~ all in the sweetest Love and humblest Service.

The blessings they bring to students, just by being who they are, are so vast as to be actually indescribable.

After coming here, I went through a series of initiations, in the form of situations that pushed against the deepest unintegrated parts of myself. Choosing to stay and move through the necessary resolutions called forth a very healthy and real strength within me. It is still doing so – I am continually met with energy that demands me to be increasingly Clear and giving. (That's what I asked for!)

The students here are rich in Grace.

Such Grace I could point to like leaves in a forest, it surrounds us that abundantly. There are the Horses, gentle and bright yogis whose presence is profound. There are the mountains, with their crystalline and slowly moving melody. There are the students themselves, who offer each other heartfelt support and direct reflections.

And the Highest Divine Grace, Our Beloved Ascended Masters. Their Love is the ground we walk on, the air that nourishes us, the Purest Wisdom and the Brightest Light. They are Eternally Blessed, Beloved.

If it is your providence to come here, then you are deeply self-responsible and committed to clarity. You are practicing and applying yourself on every level. You are a part of Living Grace in the Divine Play. Yes!!!


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