Sacred Mountain Retreat

Journey to the Eternal Grace Light

by Dhaya Dorje March, 2009


dhaya I would like to introduce myself. My name is Dhaya Dorje Mesrobian. I was born in France but really do not feel that I’m from there!

Let’s share a little about my journey and how I got involved with the school. This journey has been already so intense and full, many lifetimes within one life, many adventures, experiences, and travels. To share all of it is impossible for me to do in a few words. In a condensed way I will write about my path so you can understand where I come from.

At the age of 15 I had my first conscious mystical experience. It was in the mountains while I was falling down a steep ice slope. I thought that I was going to die, "This is it Paul (my name at the time), you are going to crash on those rocks down there, this is it for you." I was going head first with increasing speed. I had no fear, I was aware and asked myself "What can I do? Hmm. Must be a solution." Silence...and I saw myself watching the movie of my entire life passing in front of me at the speed of light; I was this point of light watching it all. The movie stopped on the information I needed, a book I read about a climber telling about his fall...I had to turn my body around, feet first, and slowly kick my heels on the hard snow to control the fall. I did so, avoided the rocks and stopped before the coming cliff. I was safe, alive!

I was 22 when I encountered death again. This time it was not me but my first love dying of cancer within 3 months. I was facing the suffering of human kind, the sorrow of my heart, the cruelty of the medical world that used her for its own experience, and so much more. Marise passed away and there I was asking myself all the big questions: What is life? Why are we here? What do we have to do? Who am I? Why suffering?

At that time, I had not been exposed to any outside spirituality or any alternative, holistic practitioners and therapists. In France there was very little information available and there was no internet. I had no choice other than looking to myself, finding answers to those questions without any outside hints.

Today most people do not ask themselves those questions in a sincere way. There is so much information out there that one does not do the inner work, one merely plays, in the sense of masturbates, with his own mind and emotions and is happy to leave it at that. Life is a great teacher but do we allow it to be? Do we see our difficulties and pain as a teaching, do we learn from them? What about death? She is there, present, every day. Do we accept dying, letting go of the old so we can be reborn? Do we want to be a victim or the victorious one?

The following years brought many changes and new experiences. I became devoted to the Dzogchen Ati yoga teachings and became a Yantra Yoga teacher within the Dzogchen community. I was guided to and received initiation from Mahavatar Babaji in Kriya yoga. I deepened my knowledge by practicing the kriyas. Babaji was and is very present on my path, supporting me and guiding me in diverse ways. He led me to reconnect with Jesus Christ’s teachings, took me to Vallalar and now he encourages me to teach Ati yoga.

One thing I really appreciate about Mahavatar Babaji is that he does not preach for his school but directs you where it is best for you. This is not the case with most schools, most of whom are only promoting themselves. Babaji’s approach has helped me in being a free yogi, a free Human Being. I continued teaching yoga, but in its more global aspect. I expanded my formation with Hatha yoga, Sivananda tradition and others, meeting different Gurus, working as a Therapist and healer.

12 years ago Babaji took me to Vallalar or Saint Ramalinga, who transformed his physical body into a pure Grace Light golden body in the 1850’s. His teachings are all about Grace, Compassion, Knowledge that comes from within, being in your natural nature. Only after a long time of study, research, and practice was I able to understand the depth of Vallalar’s work. We could say that the teaching is the path of Ati yoga combined with Grace.

In Ati yoga, the first level of transformation is toward the rainbow body. It is working with the essence of the five elements and the knowledge of your primordial nature. Many yogis have reached such a realization. Then we have the great transfer that only a few yogis, such as Guru Rimpoche and Vimalamitra, have realized.

Vallalar’s realization is a little different but the base is the same: realize and be in your primordial state, express the Compassion emanating from your real nature, and be open to receive the Grace Light. This is working with the white and golden lights.

Vallalar, who is considered the king of the siddhas, says:

We all come from the same Light source. During the process of creation through the elements the physical body is formed. It is possible for us to reverse the process and make this physical body pure light, here and now, in this plane. We come from the source so we can be the source.

When we express Love, Compassion, and Bliss we are all connected. We are One because those qualities are the qualities of all souls and also the qualities of the Absolute Eternal Grace Light.

There is only one God which is the Absolute Eternal Light, no other form should be worshipped.

There are no castes, no differences of sex...we are all equal.

One should treat all life as he would treat his own life.

One should not believe in scripture but gain his own understanding and knowledge.

All religions, philosophies, and organizations are false, they are only hiding the truth.

One should ask, “Do I accept death and aging?” If you do not accept this, then do something about it and follow my example.

This year, during a personal retreat in Bodhagaya, Garab Dorje helped me to have real knowledge and understanding of the relationship between Dzogchen Ati yoga and Vallalar’s message, the interaction between being in the primordial state and the Grace Light. I mention this because it is a new turn for me as a teacher guide. Garab Dorje, known as Meru in the planetary tantric school, has been very active in my energy field since I reconnected with the Dzogchen teachings 17 years ago. Now I have been asked to teach Ati yoga and to keep it free from all mandala, institution, and culture, to transmit the beauty of his teachings that bring total freedom and Unity.

The Eternal Grace Light and the Masters have always looked after me. One just needs to surrender, keep your channel strong and clear, and learn to be in the right place at the right time. I met Whitecloud (Shantara) and Virochana 3 or 4 years ago after returning to Auroville from Singapore; we recognized each other right away. From the beginning I knew that we are from the same family. Our perspective on many topics, about the world and the energies, is similar. I found this impressive; when you receive the same messages without consulting each other, it means that this is truth. The spiritual family is important; we must work together. If you are alone with some of the Divine work, play, and vision, you might think, “Am I crazy or what!” So many things go beyond our mind, our ideas, our understanding.

In earlier days many spiritual teacher guides and gurus refused to be with other teachers and gurus because they felt that the other teacher or guru may take their student. They were in competition like much of the world is. They were in a mode of survival in a world of fear, far from Love, Compassion, Knowledge, Truth.

Oh! Those teachers and gurus are possessing students! Who is possessed by what and by whom? Here there is no place for that. When a person comes to you, one should do what is possible to help this person to become free and Unified. How to do this? By being an open channel and a perfect mirror. To achieve this, you need to practice and to practice you need at first to apply methods, up to the day you can Be without. The teacher is only there to transmit the methods and to be a perfect mirror; for this respect must be given, no more.

Upon my return from Malaysia this year, I met again with Virochana and Whitecloud in Auroville and we went to Thiruvanamalai. What a 10 days it was, serving the school and our dear planet…no comment.

Victory to the Naga King, the Dragons and the Ascended Masters; Victory to the work we have done in the Eternal Grace Light.

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