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Heroes of Pachamama - Indigenous People of this Earth

by Kevin Matz August, 2013

Indigenous Community in Western SiberiaMy Hero(s) for Panchamama, are the indigenous people of this Earth who Truly live a life connected to the Mother, day in and day out. Never taking a break from the lives they live, tilling the soil and planting the seeds year after year. Always in such a beautiful dance with Panchamama, treating Her the way She should be treated always and constantly honoring her and giving thanks. Unlike so many on this planet, these people see how much our Mother provides for us. All of the conveniences of our modern lifestyles unfortunately do not support this kind of consciousness. They have tremendous strength and bravery to hold true to this way of living, when it could be so easy to conform to the way the vast majority of the planet lives. We should all honor and give thanks to these beings, as they hold true,and invite us all to live the way Panchamama wants us all to exist together.

These people in the picture are the indigenous of Russia. They are being threatened, like so many indigenous people by greed and unconsciousness in the form of oil drilling.

There are countless things we MUST change, and do, as far as creating a sustainable existence on this planet. From growing our food, building consciously and even the way we relate with one another, they must all be done in harmony with our Mother. My vision, for living on this earth, is basic. To be a blessing presence for Panchamama. To feel her, and give thanks for everything I do, from walking to breathing, and everything in between. We must no longer do things only for ourselves, and ask if what we are doing is hurting or healing Panchamama, this we must ALL do together. Fulfillment must begin to come from our connection to the Mother/Divine, and not from modern conveniences. These changes begin on the inner, and manifest as a desire to nourish and respect our Mother, the way She deserves.

Om A Hum

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