Sacred Mountain Retreat

Heroes of Pachamama
Jane Goodall

by Manisha August, 2013

jane_goodall_270x224One of my heros for Panchamama is Jane Goodall. She is a passionate, self initiating and empowered woman. What makes her a leader is that she stepped out when there was no support around her. No one had gone and done what she had at that time. She was the first of her kind to be in the Africa saving the Chimps. Truly inspiring for her courage, strength, trust in her purpose, and most of all ACTION! She has been awarded the UN messenger of Peace and has a broad perspective on how to spread it. Her mission is a constant and tireless traveling effort speaking all around the world to raise awareness to support the global shift in consciousness on how to save this species.  Now, the foundation that has followed her history is supporting not just the chimps, but all life that supports them. They understand the whole picture. The extinction of other species around the world leads to our own and the planets!  She brings the consciousness of the interconnectedness of ALL life. She uses her proceeds from her talks to buy land and create abodes and sanctuaries around the world for these furry beings. They stand against illegal poaching, chimps in entertainment, and plenty more. Check out the site…..

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