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Heroes of Pachamama
Paul Paur

by Ananda Dev August, 2013

springOne of my earth Heroes is Pal Pauer

Pal is one of the forefront leaders in bringing the knowledge and the magical wells of primary water to the world.

About Primary Water

Primary water is water that is created within the Earth’s interior and travels toward the surface via fissures and fractures in primary rock.  This water represents new additions to the standard hydrological cycle. It can be accessed by drilling into bedrock, often at depths of just 100 to 300 feet.  Also referred to as new, juvenile, magmatic or earth-generated water, mention of primary water can be found in modern literature, although it is not generally recognized as significant by the hydrological community.  Accordingly, it’s potential to ameliorate the world’s growing water crisis remains largely unrealized.

Evidence of primary water comes from a variety of sources. Natural springs, for instance, can be found throughout the world that have been producing thousands of gallons of pure, fresh water per minute continuously since biblical times. Many of these, like the Fountain of Apollo in Libya and the Ain Feigh in Syria, have seeded civilizations.  Others, like giant springs of Florida, are merely wonders of nature.

In addition to these naturally occurring springs, primary water is often encountered accidentally when tunneling through rock for mines, roadways or waterways – even at high elevations, far above any drainage basin.  The famous Comstock silver mine on the Eastern slope of Mt. Davidson near Nevada City, for example, pumped over 5 million gallons a day out of flooded mineshafts until the pumps failed and the mine was closed in 1886.  In the 1950′s water was struck tunneling through the Santa Ynez Mountains in Santa Barbara that flowed at over 13 million gallons a day.  Construction was halted until the gushing fissure could be sealed.

In the past ten years Paul Pauer has spearheaded exploration projects in Sudan, Morocco, Somalia and the West Indies islands of Trinidad and Tobago and has successfully tapped the abundant water locked in fractured bedrock.  He has also volunteered extensively with globalresourcealliance and has helped created many primary water wells through the Mara region of Tanzania

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