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Heroes of Pachamama - Paul Watson

by Shantara Mu August, 2013

Paul Watson

My hero for Panchamama is Paul Watson who is the Co Founder of the Eco Warrior organization SEA SHEPHERD.

His life's work IS to BE an Enlightened voice for our SACRED whales dolphins, baby seals, and ALL fish life in our oceans.

This warrior is totally fearless, passionate, puts his life on the line at all times, and has created an invincible movement of people who go to sea to protect and defend. He has reduced the slaughter of whales by the Japanese whaling fleet by half.

The documentary of his ongoing life is called "Eco Pirate." A video to awaken the soul of the Hu-Man. Their website is

Panchamama needs a law put into place by every nation to protect HER Soul, and ALL her children, her resources, and HER right to survive.!!

BOLIVIA is the first country/Government to pass this law to protect Mother Earth. Jaya Ho,

The 2 leggeds are in the END times of their violent, SELF destructive ignorant stupidity.


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