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Heroes of Pachamama
Richard Barry Dolphin Project

by Lianna Hardy August, 2013

Bottlenose Dolphin Mother and Baby

For the love of Dolphins, Richard O’Barry’s Dolphin Project aims to stop dolphin slaughter and exploitation around the world. In the 1960′s he trained Flipper ( a popular TV series), who died in his arms.  This allowed him to realize that capturing, training dolphins to perform was just wrong.  From that moment on he knew what direction his life would take, he launch a campaign against the multi-million dollar dolphin captivity industry. Over the past 40 years, Richard has rescued and rehabilitated dolphins in many countries including Haiti, Colombia, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Brazil, the Bahamas and the United States. Currently one of his projects is to stop the dolphin trade from the Soloman Islands.  His work has been chronicled in the film A Fall From Freedom, a  documentary THE COVE.  Dolphin Project is also apart of Earth Island Institute which has over 60 projects working for the conservation, preservation, and restoration of Earth – Panchamama.  Visit Richard’s website

I really wanted to write about Panchamama as my Hero.

She has given her being to create this wonderful world, with all its colour and life.  She has endured all that has presented itself to her and amazingly still continued to provided for all that take up residence.  She has shown her strength with the help of the Dragons, when the humans have not listened and raped her of her energy.  We should bless her everyday and be grateful that she has allowed us to incarnate upon her to remember why we came to her – this planetary school.  May we always be grateful and treat Panchamama with respect.

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