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Heroes of Pachama
Earth Liberation Front

by Narayana August, 2013

wild-horses300My hero is not a person, but rather an anonymous, non hierarchal organization known as the Earth Liberation Front. They are an international, underground group that uses direct action through economic sabatoge to stop the exploitation and destruction of the planet. For instance, releasing hundreds of wild horses from a BLM corral and burning it down. Litigation has not brought any relief to the wild horse holocaust happening in the name of uranium mining, cattle ranching, and water removal.  They are on their way to total removal, from tens of thousands less than two decades ago.

This is actually something that I thought about being a part of when younger. Like the Sea Shepards, they use direct action, bypassing the litigation that has proven to just not be enough. They recognize that education and indirect action is also a part, but that radical intervention has to play a part.

They do not harm people, and if one is harmed in an act claimed to be ELF, it is simply not. They, to no surprise are the number one domestic terrorist group, and as such all information you find on the web are propaganda against them.

The link provided  below was published through them and provides pretty much the only clear understanding of their ideology and purpose. It is prvided through the ALF site, the Animal Liberation Front, another organization with same structure, or lack there of.

Here is a very recent example of what could be action from the ELF. A New Mexican horse slaughter that was about to open was set ablaze in the night, I believe days before its opening. The refrigeration was targeted and destroyed, delaying its opening. The idea is that if a company is attempting to gain profit through a means so diabolical as horse slaughter, may they see that their plans will be directly fronted and the idea of monetary gain this way is not in their highest interest.  These people do not care how well of a claim one can make that we are all equal and this and that. Its about MONEY, nothing else… soooo, these people fearlessly put it on the line, and hit them where it hurts, their pocketbook.

Check out the link. This happened recently just south of us.  These people are my heroes, and I’ll never know their name.

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