Sacred Mountain Retreat

Sacred Mountain Retreat

by Narayana August, 2011

The term retreat, understood within the limited framework of social consciousness, is not what I am addressing here. The retreat I am here to share about is not a publicly known retreat, open to the masses, to do morning yoga sets and spend some time away from the world to unwind, later to return refreshed and ready for more. No, this retreat represents much more, and one can merely attempt to describe the indescribable with words.

starburst (a young foal on sacred mountain retreat) This retreat is a focalized center of higher activity and initiation, all overseen and held by the Light of the Ascended Ones and their limbs, Master Virochana and Lady Master ShanTara Ma Khalsa. Here, much unseen work is done, benefiting all beings in existence, especially those within the embrace of this dear Planet. It is this unseen work of the Awakened Ones, the Dragons and other elementals, and over souls such as Virochana and Shantara, that has quite literally saved this Planet from destruction, many times. This retreat, among others, is one of the Masters chosen lands for those souls who are ready and willing to enter into this sacred relationship. It is an obvious and Blessed ripening, and one is BROUGHT here by the Grace of our Awakened Family.

This ever so sacred retreat is nested in the embrace of the Sangre de Cristos Mountains, housing many spirits and unseen yogis. It is a highly refined atmosphere that commands clarity and gives innumerable blessings to those who are ready and have opened to receive. The energy in Crestone, being so high, is many times too much for some, and drives them a little mad. For the true practitioner, this high vibrational energy is what helps keep the continuum maintained and the energy of practice in integrity. For those blessed souls who love practice, this is of incredible value.

starburst-0811-267 The peaceful, yet radiant energy of this retreat, seduces the Ones ready, to enter into practice in a whole new way. To feel the clouds slide over the mountains, the animals move in absolute comfort and safety across the land, and to feel the Masters meditating you in the Perfection is a Tantra that cannot be put into words alone, as this experience is beyond the spoken word and lower mind. It is a tremendous blending of the forces awake in Oneness, in service to the Oneness, as the Oneness. Only direct experience can reveal that which truly cannot be spoken of.

The lineage of the Masters holding this retreat is rich beyond comprehension and our allegiance is to these Awakened Ones. It is a Family of Light that constantly supports greater awakening and service, all in the timelessness of eternity. This lineage is for those souls who recognize this Earth as their sacred home, and feel that undying call to recreate their image within this Beloved Earth, for the betterment of the Earth Mother herself. Unconscious and ignorant plays of the ego have been allowed their space on this Earth for a long time, and NOW is the time that the energy is being realigned and brought into the Higher Light. For those souls ready, this transformation and accelerated awakening is always inviting you to recreate your life in the Light of the Godhead.

We ARE what Aurobindo called the supramental evolution. It is time for more beings to awaken to and integrate the Wholeness and Totality of their being into a unified expression, capable of doing the work within the Body of the One that this Earth so dearly needs.

narayan-horses To blend within this lineage, one must surrender all things of a limiting nature, into the Light of their GodSelf. It must be total, as this type of work and initiation requires ALL of you, as nothing is left unseen. Here at Sacred Mountain the surrender MUST be total, as the skillful means to return students to themselves, much of the time defies logic and rational thinking. Such is the Wisdom of the Enlightened Feminine. Here we burn the candle from both ends, by only acknowledging the Great Perfection, and applying ourselves in totality with the skillful means of an integral yoga and radiant Blessings of the Masters who head this yoga. It is the yoga of Providence, and for those souls ready, we welcome you.

In the ALWAYS Victorious Light of the Central Sun

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