Sacred Mountain Retreat

Sacred Mountain Retreat: An Inside Look

by Joshua and Jaima January, 2005

As a student of this school, I wanted to share with any and all whom are coming our way, an inside look at what it is about. For those of you whom have been looking for years, for something more than the entry level teachings on spiritual path, practice, and way of life.

For those of you whom have walked in all of the dharma's, always being drawn forward to that something more, out beyond illusion, religion, and duality, than this is your path. As in all the eras of time, and cultures of the world, there is always a select few who wish to take it all the way. This retreat center, and mystery school, offers the full integration of all of the ages.

The teachings and practices are timeless, eternal, and sacred, working on an internal level, to break down even the subtlest walls of conditioning & karma. Directly working with the I AM Presence, Ascended Masters, Rays of Light, Planetary Influences, Devic & Angelic realms, Soul Family, Tantras, and the living reality of the Twin Ray. This school is for those people whom wish to truly surrender everything they think they are, to that that is beyond thought. To finally give up the grasping and seeking of the personality, and surrender to that higher power within. With the guidance of Virochana & Whitecloud, both inwardly and outwardly, this path, if fully embraced is like light years of soul evolution toward one’s destiny.

There reaches a point for each soul where, no longer being able to move forward, to evolve quickly, one must embrace the journey of a spiritual teacher. Those that have gone out before us and lit the way, so that we may advance faster than otherwise possible on our path home to the one.

In the presence of this retreat, one can expect to be challenged, to face all of their issues, to gain great insight, and to grow, if willing, in marvelous, wonderful ways. We begin each day with an early morning Sadhana practice:

  • It begins with 1 hour of meditation
  • Followed by a Kundalini Yoga set
  • And finished with a Pranayama/Kriya
  • This lasts 2-3 hours

On some occasions, we do 2 1/2 hr. long Kriya's, usually coinciding with a full moon, or other signifigant alignment. The rest of the day is available to:

  • Doing Seva on the land
  • Working a local job
  • Hiking in our incredible mountains
  • Or simply just being

In the evenings around sunset we gather again, either for another group practice, or for a class led by Virochana. These classes always prove to be high initiation points into deeper levels of transmission & consciousness. It is good to rest early, as the day begins again quickly.

Being here in my experience, is the only place where I feel met at the core of my being. Undistracted by that next event, or this other great thing, leaving the temporal behind to truly get in touch with that which is infinite within my own soul. Be prepared if you come here to deal with any area of the self that is out of alignment with Ultimate Reality. Be ready for the journey of a lifetime, and know that if you choose to resist, then by nature of the law, you will find a way to escape, and return back to whatever place you were in before. This path is not for everyone, but you know it if it's for you!

The yoga house is incredible. It is big enough to house many students at one time, it is on a greenbelt with a creek. We have good water, a nice practice space, a sunroom, and a clean environment. For eating, we have a full kitchen, a wonderful local co-op for organic, wholesale food. As well as gardening and wild-crafting opportunities. The retreat land borders National Forest and one of the highest mountain ranges in the Rockies, the 'Sangre de Cristo's'. Being in the presence of these mountains magnifies everything immensely. Our land sits at 8000' ft., The water is pure and clean, and the air is fresh and clear.

Everything about this place breathes retreat, and as they say: "If you do not go within, then you go without!"

If you feel to come, truly and from an inner calling! Than please do, it is a rare place to experience. There are many types of retreat center in today's world. Most of them geared toward the mainstream person, who would like to get away for a while. This place is for those who wish to leave everything behind, and step onto the ultimate path. Self-discovery, self-liberation, and finally ascension. In the light of the One, and the Ascended Masters.

Sat Nam

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