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Sacred Journeys

by Shantara March, 2002

We have been involved in ongoing sacred journey SpiderRock1_225-194x300work for as long as we have been conscious of a spiritual destiny. I have traveled in this way for several decades. If you have read any of my books you will know I consider this work with the earth an integral part of any spiritual path. I cannot emphasize enough the benefits and wisdom gained when we are graced by the knowledge of divine mother to move in sacredness on the earth.These journeys are becoming more and more important for us as we work in service with the ascended body for the awakening of our earth and the re connections being made to our greater spiritual family. The joining together of like-minded souls is always direct and pure through this connection with divine mother, no matter differences in nationality or culture. So much of our past of who we truly are and where we come from is recorded in the rocks and crystalline etheric structure of our mother, which in turn resonates within our body’s cellular makeup. Currently we are involved in a body of work for the new energy coming on the planet. The beloved Master Lord Meru and his twin-ray Aramu direct this work.WC_Peru_Titicac_Sept2001This beloved couple we know as our mother and father, for we came onto this earth with them fully conscious of ourselves as beings of eternal light and love. They are directing us to sacred areas to help realign the energy grid lines of the earth and reawaken our divine mission with the dragons and other inner earth beings working as the One. We are in awe and humility as we move in this way and have many inner treasures revealed to us. Every journey is connected to the previous, thus we are building a momentum of power and consciousness as we travel and link up with spiritual family around the earth.

I wonder how many of you reading this are drawn to awaken more in this sacred work. We understand that the more a person is prepared spiritually with purity, self-discipline, and experience, the more they can receive from these amazing journeys.

Whitecloud_WhirinakiForest2We are living in a time when great changes are upon us. I am always urging people to prepare spiritually to live simply in sacredness and actively pursue their spiritual destiny so they can live in harmony and peace with the divine plan.

We have just returned from sacred work with the earth in New Zealand and Australia. New Zealand was the seat of power of Lemuria and we have been realigning its crystalline grid back under the energy New Zealand held as that power through the earth in Lemuria. Beloved Meru and Mu were with us intensely and clearly every day in New Zealand. In Australia we were also reawakening certain energy lines along with the dragons present there. Australia is very dense spiritually and needs a lot of healing. It is home to many rebellious souls. New Zealand is very transparent and home to many gentle yet naïve souls who are devic in nature.

caliber_crop_175If a person cannot live in the stillness and sacredness of nature I strongly doubt that their spiritual path will bear fruit. You cannot excel or be successful in attaining spiritual liberation or gaining the ascended eternal body without the ongoing blessings of the mother. These blessings regularly are bestowed in our sacred journeys.

If you are spiritually prepared and would like to know more about how you can participate in one of our sacred journeys contact me directly by e-mail. If you truly value your spiritual freedom you will gain much from joining us on one or more of these journeys. Please understand though, that because we work directly under the ascended divine plan we are not always giving a lot of time to prepare for these journeys. This sacred service and work is a priority and honor in our lives so we often move with little advanced notice.

We will be doing sacred journey work in the Southwest and South Dakota areas of the USA this summer and Peru in September.

You may look for my latest booklet “Resurrection of Earth and Hu-Man” available on this web site.

May you be well and happy and meditating the perfection.
Eternally with blessings and light,

Whitecloud (Shantara)/Aramu…

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