Sacred Mountain Retreat

A Student's Journey To Sacred Mountain

by Yachay March, 2011

Another student here asked me, “So how did you find out about Sacred Mountain?” Of course, it is a story of synchronicity. It is very clear that each step of each journey that has led me to Sacred Mountain has a Divinely organized blueprint. Upon replaying these sequences of events, it easy to see and feel the strong currents of overlighting Guidance that have woven together this sacred tapestry of Destiny. Yes, it feels like an unavoidable pre-ordained connection that has precipitated my arrival at the doorstep of Virochana and Shantara.

My first experience on this land was quite an evolutionary endeavor. Through the reflections observed while spending my initial time here, it became apparent that there was much work to be done. More devotion, anchoring and defining of my daily practice. More karmic completions. More emotional integration. More sustainable development of my entrepreneurial income. These factors and more were pre-requisites if I were to consider developing a future potential as a real student of this Tantric school.

During this preliminary visit, Shantara reflected the gaps in my actions that were less than masterful, while Virochana offered a multitude of different practices that lead to greater mastery. Both of these types of reflection offered much fuel for growth. The practices of daily living, as well as the traditional yogic practices, are both integral components of becoming a true modern Yogi. In order to be a masterful yogi successfully living in the World today, one must embrace daily work and household duties, as well as sustaining a strong daily practice. Through observing the structure and format of the teachings and examples demonstrated at Sacred Mountain, both of these foundational components are seen. I have now spent over a year and a half integrating these gems of wisdom that were seeded from these early Crestone experiences.

Being a practitioner of Kundalini Yoga, I felt an immediate alignment with the foundational practices offered here. But some of the greatest practice gifts that I received came from suggestions to connect with the pranayama techniques taught by Swami Rama and Sivananda, both prolific yogis of the twentieth century that established well known schools of Yoga. Some of these pranayamas opened such immense currents within me, that I have come to truly understand the importance of mula bandha. Sometimes the strong rush of prana through a newly opened channel would be so cosmically activating, that it felt as if I was purifying eons of cellular memory within my being, and at the same time massively expanding my point of reference to the space within myself, sometimes even so much that it felt as if the prana was dissolving the identification with my ego Self into near unconsciousness, such was the power of these newly opened flows. This was a new continuum of consciousness that I was beginning to access.

In addition, Virochana recommended a specific mantra practice that would assist me. Later on I committed to completing a 90-day practice of it. This mantra became so evolutionary that I organically extended the practice, completing 116 continuous days. This mantra catalyzed my first real connection with the eighth center above the head. This connection opened an overwhelming connection to Source, feeling anointed with the Divine, an outpouring from the sacred fountain of Holiness. This was the first time in my life that I felt connected to God in a tangible way, as if I could converse with Him in glorious Bliss rapture at any moment. I am now a strong advocate of the power of Mantra practice.

These disciplines began to initiate my direct experience of Wisdom Deities, also known as Ascended Masters. Seeing that my practices were developing a connection to the Ascended Body of One created a feeling of soul elation. And at the same time, this enormous influx of Light into my being began purifying shadow aspects as well. Some of these aspects appeared as if connected to ancient soul karmas and stellar family lineages. Upon awakening one night from a particularly intense dream encounter, I knew unequivocally that the only way for me to progress on the Ascension Path and to clear and complete many Karmic residues was to further my connection with Virochana and Shantara as a sincere student.

Shantara and Virochana represent the first beings I feel I can surrender to as true teachers. I am not aligned with the trappings of traditional Guru-Disciple relationships. In coming here, I wanted to be sure that these shadow games were not at play. Rest assured, the intention here is purely to return the student to themselves. If there were anything less going on, I would not choose to be here.

Arriving here has been supported by the Universe, so many pieces coming together to support my progress. Receiving wisdom here has been hyper-evolutionary. I know I am just beginning, and look forward to the limitless advancement that can be attained through applying the teaching offered. For those with the penetrative depth to see, I confirm your vision – Yes, this school is the Real Deal. If you want to release deep seated soul patterning, if you want to embrace the fullness of Yogic Life, if you want to develop the penetration to pierce through Maya and take real steps forward, coming g to know the real essence of Tantra, then there may be an alignment with you and this Planetary Tantric School.


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