Sacred Mountain Retreat

2012 The Collective Divine Awakening

by Shantara February, 2012

It is vital that people interested in becoming an initiate/practitioner within this Eternal Earth School understand the importance of living on Sacred ground with awareness. Many of the Earth’s Sacred Temples that have stood for tens of thousands of years as places of prayer/activation/healing/transmission have now become places where ordinary unenlightened people come to build housing developments and tourist spots, and no spiritual preparation is asked of them, no spiritual education given before they enter into these Sacred grounds.

A few of these places we know were established by ADEPTS within the Planetary Tantric School during Lemuria, an example of this is Machu Picchu in Peru.

This is an aspect of the materialistic culture in which the notion that one can buy anything, even enlightenment has become part of daily activity. This unenlightened notion, which leads to more confusion, is far from the truth. It is another illusion that does nothing more than give people something more to chat about over coffee. Many of the earth’s Sacred vortexes have been part of tribal societies, that were far more connected to the earth as a living presence, where the spirits were given place/voice and the sacredness of land/environment was honored.

These days most people, are so caught up in the trap of materialism they have lost the ability to connect, to slow down enough to feel themselves, each other, the Earth, or even understand what is SACRED. Caught in this materialistic separatist society, two-leggeds have lost too much awareness, of true self, each other, spirits of the land, dragon knowledge, and a land on which ONE could live, share, enjoy and live in harmony in the ONENESS.

blessing-earthThis movement away from Sacredness has been manipulated into place to reduce people to a state of great separation, separation from the land, separation from their true spiritual natures, and separation from the power to be self-sufficient. These steps of disconnection lead to weakness of mind and body, leading to insecurity and a fear of life and death.

Weakened people can be controlled through being fed misinformation and manipulated into Being powerless. Most people currently live in a materialistic society, feeling helpless to change their lives, and unable to feel their true power, and stressed about simple daily living. This force of never ending consumerism, over manufacturing of goods, unhealthy foods, unhealthy environments etc., is a very destructive and disrespectful force.

This disrespectful destruction has bought about the accelerated necessary cleansing of Mother Earth.

The resurrection of our Earth’s Sacred Temples where humans can return to living in the natural world in the purity and harmony of oneness is an integral step of the Earths global destiny as the eternal Light returns once more.

One place where this global destiny of spiritual/inter-national Oneness began is Auroville in South India. This was the global vision destiny, brought forth onto this Sacred Land, by Sri Aurobindo and his twin Flame known as “the Mother”. Auroville was formed in the 1960s. We have seen over 19 years, the idealism of Auroville crash and burn in the reality of people’s daily struggles with monetary/spiritual/philosophical inconsistency, a lack of self-discipline, no accountability, and very little pure practice. Here we see many people struggle with the “organization” to get back their personal moneys when they need to leave. There are great social injustices occurring here on a daily basis, too many illusions to go into in this short article. We have had to visit here many times as personal family is involved here. Clearly one of the main problems in Auroville is the fact there is NO accountability within this global community, there are NO yogis who hold the Light for the uninitiated, and those in charge are NOT practitioners of any great level.

This community is in reality just another place on the planet for people to live, keeping to the same mind set of rules, of social consciousness, lacking any real collective development, just like anywhere else on Planet Earth. One of the sad things here is that this community is built on a very Sacred Earth temple that has been rebuilt over thousands of years.It is VERY sacred land to the great Siddha tradition of Tamil Nadu. This is a NAGA temple; these spirits are very volatile and powerful, interfacing with the subtle-physical world in a way that only Mother India can do. This brings them close into human consciousness.

These forces are a tremendous assistance to yogis, but people should be spiritually prepared to live in such a place. The Nagas do not like the pollution of the human mind clouded with drugs, alcohol, abuse, and murkiness. Thus, the blessing presence of these spirits can quickly become a curse. These spirits wield the double-edged sword, and we personally, over the years when visiting, have witnessed the undisciplined, untrained, and polluted mind of many people here being driven to the brink of madness. We have also experienced on the dream plane many times that the psyche of Auroville is like a mental hospital. Many people are left to wander in the void neither here nor there.

The collective unspoken agreement here is to co-create as new colonialists, using the indigenous peoples here as poorly paid lower class workers and servants, giving the Europeans plenty of free time to socialize over food and music parties on a daily basis. However, the propaganda or sales pitch is that Auroville is the place where the ideal of living together in harmony can be experienced. Many of the European Aurovillians truly believe they are the chosen ones, that they are more advanced spiritually than any other group on the planet. This egotistic mindset has blocked true growth. It leads to an arrogance that refuses to admit the mistakes of the past and blinds people to the limitations of their lifestyle.

Auroville has in fact become a collective force of resistance to the Eternal Light, to the very thing they say they are creating. Unenlightened anarchy!

I know I have the permission to speak like this. My Beloved and I were asked personally on the inner by Sri Aurobindo and the masters to come to Auroville to help clear the forces of darkness. Even though this community originated as a strong spiritual vision, on sacred land, and prolific writings of the tremendous potential of the human soul were written clearly about by Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, it was never held in place by pure spiritual leadership after the passing of these two great souls.

It is a reality that the propaganda of the vision, the idealism, the dream presented to people is FAR from the reality here. Unfortunately, many souls still come believing that this ideal, will somehow be manifest living here. Without a strong inner application and self-discipline, the ideal can never manifest, for it must be found within before it can manifest without.

True Yogis know the perfection comes from within. They seek places of peace, quietude in nature, simplicity, stillness, and beauty that give support for the highly sensitive inner work, and places that are conducive to the inner work.

The truth is, in this community, the Divine Mother was killed by some of her closest disciples and NO law/court case was ever allowed. This tremendous injustice/crime was covered over and opened the door to the discordant, disturbed, dark forces, thereby creating a great karma which unsuspecting souls continue to struggle in. Auroville is just another place on the planet to live. As one of the cradles of civilization, Mother India is a great place for the soul to expand, so from that point of view it is probably better for many here just to be out of Europe. There is no quality control here in Auroville, or here in India. Here chaos rules; and one cannot change this. Those with the grace to meditate find their peace/blessings from within, but there are as few here in Auroville, as in any other place on the planet. In the global mess of materialism, this Sacred ground/temple has been unable to manifest as a blessing presence for the world.

Nature444 The Natural world is helping us to see many of our personal/collective limitations on a global scale. The cleansing of our MOTHER Earth has begun, change is accelerating. We all feel change is inevitable as the systems of separation are failing. All these events were known and prophesied by many ancient earth cultures, who saw what would happen as humans moved away from the sacredness of life. This is a time of great celebration. For those of you who hold the flame, who dream the dream of unity and peace, who are here for the planets cleansing, who are beyond materialism, I say do not give up hope now, this is your time, stay the course, find your spiritual family and build your dreams sharing what resources you can. The great reunification is happening now. The many streams of lineage, teachings, and practices, are being asked to join together, to find one another, to build the new form. This new form is the Eternal form of living naturally, sharing resources, respecting all life on sacred ground.

The vision, divine plan, and destiny of the awakening Planet earth is known to many practitioners, however the reality is too much separation exists even with the more enlightened souls. The remnants of the male dominated systems do not want this freedom to be found. They still fight to hold control over others. The inner balance of the inner male/female must be found and healed with all of us.

SHE is the balance but until SHE reconnects to MOTHER earth, her power is impotent. Many of the world’s female teachers are still bowing to the patriarchy that disrespects the earth and the feminine.

The more enlightened, mostly young, speak of this coming together as part of our evolutionary survival, where the ONENESS is tangibly experienced as a force of LOVE healing the planet and each other. They carry the blueprint of this inner balance of male/female and look to how it can manifest.

In truth we 2 leggeds cannot do this alone. We NEED the help of DRAGON power, they who open the lines of OUR earth’s kundalini. The DRAGONS are awakening and helping Mother Earth in the cleansing. As the ETERNAL LIGHT descends, all these forces are joining together merging once more into the oneness. This great reunification is occurring, as the Dragon Lines reopen and the dragons again are moving actively through the planet. The dragons can assist the 2 leggeds coming to oneness. The dragons are helping to bring forth the Earth’s new configuration.

This knowing is held by those who remember what oneness with sacred earth feels like. These souls have the destiny, and are pure in heart, and they shall bring forth the oneness. It is getting easier as tremendous blessings are pouring forth from the Eternal Light.

Sri Aurobindo calls this the descent of the Divine, Adi Da calls it global community, Sufis know it as the ONENESS, and the Yogis in the mountains live it loosely with each other; NO fences and private ownership of land up there. For these Yogis sharing of knowledge is love of family. This form of oneness needs a vehicle through which to manifest into matter. It must be allowed to be expressed as the one light, not held within or under any particular teacher, dharma, or held too tightly by philosophy, points of view, or dualistic consciousness. It is not the Oneness if it is called Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Muslim, etc. To the linear/limited mind this task seems almost impossible, but to the illuminated soul of eternally earned freedom, it is the only way, and the timing for that way is upon us.

The Planetary Tantric School/ashram/global community is the vehicle that can hold the collective wisdom for our oneness.

The Schools Sacred Temples hold this eternal blue print of knowing of how to proceed, contained within the conscious subtle Elements of earth, air, fire, water; this memory written into the land so to speak. A refined awareness. The school/ashram/community, shall only succeed if enough adepts coming through differing lineages are willing to keep growing, experiencing, together as a family, and come together now.

The sacred ground is prepared for these adepts to come together. These earth Temples of the planetary tantric school, are held for this divine purpose. They exist in various places on our wonderful Planet, and each one is distinct in its transmission power, and diversity, with the spirits and dragons there. These dragons /spirits these elemental forces within these sacred temples, bring forth understandings from a telepathic level, where instant rememberings, healings, openings can occur as a person enters into aspects/ levels of practices and initiations…

waveMost of this work is done silently from within, as true eternal teachings are held in the non-verbal, transmission power of sacred space. In the embrace of oneness there is no power/place for dualistic struggle. All the fears held within the mind of separation dissolve into the greater light, understanding/respect /acceptance/flexibility/refinement.

The finances to purchase these Sacred Temple lands, will come forth in divine timing, for this collective destiny. We, meaning Virochana and myself, continue daily to meditate the perfection of this, and trust the masters GRACE and Divine Mother’s wisdom in this unfolding. We believe the others who are part of this initiating power are meditating the same as we are daily, and we shall find each other. To buy these lands will cost millions of dollars, and they shall be held without debt and have debt free infrastructures built. With grace and clarity, those souls who carry the destinies to be part of the school, can come forth and find their rightful place.

The School/ashram must have discipline, souls who find practice a joy, souls who understand the importance of finding ultimate self-mastery through the inner work, and a daily progressive meditative practice. This School/community already has a strong lineage of Eternal masters, and those who feel the call from within their soul will feel like they are finally coming home to the peace and abundance.

I am hesitant to impose too much of myself into this, but I do know what feels right and what feels wrong, and trust totally that the School shall unfold as the collective formative souls are brought together. As we say this is worked from the inside/out, it is a done deal, that is the Eternal way. Each person must be given the power to buy into community, as a shareholder, to have security, and to have their investment protected, with the right to get all invested money back if the need to leave arises. In a few words, I see the need to serve the individual must be equal to the need of the individual to be happy to live for more than just ones small self. All great souls have the capacity to live in the BIGGER picture of a spiritually awakened humanity.

To live at a higher level of evolution we shall have learned from the limitations/ignorance of the past.

The Sacred Earth Temple guardian spirits shall open the doors to our living in our Sacred earth temples as as a collective divine force of transformation, when we are ready for this evolutionary step, and have the power/will to manifest.

Magic, Bringing LIGHT into LIGHT, transforming matter into energy, Mastery of Self, and the elements we are ALL made from.


Eternally, with the grace of the Siddhas.


February 8th FULL moon 2012.

Alderman Islands on Full Moon from Coromandel Coast New Zealand (photo by Virochana)

Alderman Islands on Full Moon from Coromandel Coast of New Zealand (photo by Virochana)

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