Sacred Mountain Retreat

Sacred Transmission from the Eternal Masters

by Shantara Mu Khalsa November, 2008

On the evening of November 20th, 2008, an intense fire broke out at SMR, completely consuming the tool shed and everything in it. Despite its extreme heat and intensity, the fire did not spread or damage anything else.

These are the NEW NON-DUAL Commandments handed to me through the flame of the fire that occurred here at Sacred Mountain Ascension Retreat.

Present with me were Mahavatar, Meru, Tara, Aramu, our Beloved Ascended Masters.

Time: 8am, November 21st 2008, the morning after the fire. The energy still very intense, and the fire still within the body temple.


  1. Thou shall always be happy.
  2. Thou shall trust in the eternal living light and the beloved ascended masters.
  3. Thou shall always speak kindly to others.
  4. Thou shall worship no other beings and live only in this light.
  5. Thou shall walk in the victory at all times.
  6. Thou shall live to serve the family of light and dedicate one's life for the betterment of this light and this family.
  7. Thou shall always walk in freedom and grace.

Sitting with the Divine masters, Mahavatar, Tara, Aramu, Meru.

They asked me how I felt after the fire.

Whitecloud: "I felt like something really big was taken from me, but do not feel a sense of loss."

Answer: "What was taken was never yours in the first place."

Masters: "The flame was the outer sign of the tremendous inner purification that we have both gone through. The fire was an outer symbol of this flame, and the dragons needed an outer manifestation of this."

Then I connected to the fire angel in the core of the flame, and that is when these new commandments came through the flame to me.

The inner purification is complete. These are like the core precepts of the ascension path, never to be forgotten.

Thank you and blessed be,

Whitecloud (Shantara)

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