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Introduction to the Ascended Masters

by Shantara and Virochana March, 2002

The Ascended Masters are diverse and numerous. They are all fully enlightened beings who maintain a consciousness that instructs and uplifts unenlightened beings. From the state of enlightenment one begins to understand the beginning of the journey of ascension. The ascended masters have not all gained their particular level of ascension from this earth. We personally have the most interaction with those ascended masters who have a long history of embodiment on this earth and who are intrinsically part of the greater divine plan for this planet. Until one is fully enlightened and has the providence to work for the benefit of humanity the ascended masters remain elusive. It is because of this Fact that there exists much misrepresentation and distortion about who and what the ascended masters are.

Distortions and misrepresentation of the ascended masters are also prevalent in this time of planetary activations and the expansion of the light through the mass consciousness. The New Age proponents too often brush the profound amount of inner work that it takes to purify and eliminate all karmic patterns aside.

Channeling the ascended masters is done mostly by those at beginning levels of spiritual development and therefore incomplete and distorted. It is our observation that channeled information on the Ascended Masters or using their names as the source of knowledge is mostly incorrect and misleading. This way of receiving and giving enlightened information is done by people who are not yogically disciplined, and is sort after by people wanting a quick fix to their karmic issues. It is essential for spiritual development that the journey to enlightenment has a strong indestructible base of pure meditative practices. The deep karmic patterns of illusions must be cut at the very beginning of ones spiritual journey and require time-proven methods, or distortions will accelerate.

We see two types of spiritual seekers. One are those souls who are willing to see their limitations and who have the inner character to commit to self-discipline, self-control and the years of committed application of practices that build inner integrity and purity. Then there are those souls who want enlightenment or ascension without earning it. These souls mostly do not understand what enlightenment or ascension really is. They constantly look outside of themselves to channeling, astrology, readings, instant healings, drugs, etc. to get the quick fix, to get self esteem information, distorted confirmations that feeds the ego-centered disposition which always has to be okay, or enlightened already.

We are interested in being contacted only by those souls who are ready and able to do their own inner work and who are humble enough to know they don’t know it all, and who realize they can be helped by a teacher/master – one who has done the journey and can be of true assistance.

After we were brought together by the ascended masters in service as a twin ray couple we have been fortunate to be under the direct and very personal training from many ascended masters. When a person develops this level of conscious Oneness they move beyond the limitations of any religion, dogma or dharma. This has enabled us to manifest a teaching approach and wisdom that is truly liberating for all. This Oneness removes all illusions of separation and is the foundation of awareness for an enlightened humanity, what we term the New Dispensation.

We are living in the dawn of this New Dispensation, which is bringing much light onto this planet and is uplifting the whole planet’s frequency to support a much greater radiance of enlightenment. This dispensation accelerates change and every human being is invited to participate.

It is therefore each person’s choice to desire and achieve enlightenment and ascension at this time. We are fully able to assist people in this grand journey and invite you to contact us.

It is our honor to serve the Divine plan of the Ascended Masters who truly embody as the One Mind the One Heart.

Thank you for reading this, may you bless yourself and all other beings,

Whitecloud (Shantara)

Introduction to the Ascended Masters
by Virochana

Ascension is the upliftment of our body to become radiant consciousness. Thus ascension is the unification of form with our spirit. As such it is an advanced aspect of the higher tantras.

As we awaken our consciousness within the body of oneness, each of us maintains an individual and unique focus, yet we are not just individuals. Thus the form that we bring forth from within this effortless radiant awareness reflects the dynamics of the body of the one. As such it can easily blend with other masters and beings, taking on different outward appearances of form through a dynamic harmony within the body of the one.

While we can all, in our quiet moments, attune to the radiant filed of our oneness, or the emptiness of separation, it is much more challenging to bring forth an eternally responsive expression within this, i.e., our eternal body or the ascended body. Thus the ascended masters are very practical, in that they have had to awaken to every type of interaction and perspective. This is possible, because the core of consciousness is maintained within the pranas of the enlightened state, while the attention can relax into widening fields of awareness and interaction.

Creating a true rainbow body of awareness is only possible through our responsive attunement to the greater oneness, i.e., compassion. Otherwise, in our spiritual path, as our pranas seductively withdraw into our core, it takes with it all concern and real awareness of other forms. Essentially we become formless. Which way we go is decided long before we reach that level of possibility, by our attitude towards life itself.

Because of the oneness of form and infinitely responsive wisdom, the ascended masters are fully qualified to help us, within form, grow. Just as we have so many dispositions, cultures, bodies, etc., so there are many different ascended masters. What would your characteristic as an Ascended Master be?

As we penetrate deeper into the core of our being, the ability to attune with others increases exponentially. So within this great sea of attunement, we can specifically attune to these great beings much easier. Yet, it is impossible to attune with any consciousness, whether or own or another, without our own characteristic coloring everything our perception in that flavor. This is not a problem, if we recognize it as such. In this wisdom, everyone can show us more about ourselves, as well as their own wisdom. This is a golden key to remember when attuning with the Ascended Masters for guidance, and also a good reason that we often obtain the best results with masters who are alike in their disposition to our own. There is a better inroad.

The more clarity we gain, the more clear we can perceive all the flavors within the body of oneness in which we live. In this way we can gain inspiration to become more of who we want to be.

The ascended being who have a strong workings within our humanity, are often referred to as deities. As we advance on the yogic path, transmission from these beings gives us a taste of what it is that we are moving towards. Along with this is guidance through inner words, but it is the taste that is more important. By cultivating this taste within our own image, often blended with the deity for further assistance, we grow into this for ourselves. It is a wonderful dance of love and light.

In the coming months, there will be articles on this web site about some of the ascended masters who we are privileged to work with and have personally grown through.



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