Sacred Mountain Retreat

The Ascension Path

by Shantara July, 2002

HariBabaAscension is all about self mastery, gained through ancient proven practises integrated from many spiritual traditions.

It is an unlimited approach not bound within any one perspective, limited mindset, or teaching.

It is the only path whose fruits are a guaranteed success, as the only agenda for each soul is the victory within the eternal light and members of this Eternal family. The full completion of this path may take several lifetimes depending on the sincerity and commitment of each practitioner.
Most teachings are confined by the karmic limitations of the teachers and the format held within religious organisations, their politics and the power plays of a dualistic approach. Many of these teachers are not fulfilled in their personal relationships, many are manipulative bullies, making a business out of the spiritual path. Therefore compromise and distortion of the truth is inherent in the teaching itself. These karmically bound teachings often produce students/devotees who become victims.

Eagle6_175The ascension teachings are only successful when brought forth under an enlightened umbrella, carried by adepts trained directly by a number of ascended masters of this family lineage. This enlightened umbrella is what Virochana and Shantara carry, as a highly trained, proven, twin ray couple.

Aladin-and-Khaliber_web225This path instills in people the need for self healing, self accountability, self initiation, strengths required to take people away from separation/duality that most so called spiritual teachers/teachings embody.

Meru_150The ascension path is not for beginners/immature souls who are damaged, and who have given their divine birthright away. Beginning souls on the spiritual path are called devotees.

Devotees are an insult to the ascended light. NO true master needs anyone’s adoration, power, or life force. NO true master allows others to touch/kiss/or wash their feet. This baby stuff just breeds more separation, more unenlightened behaviour.

Only the strongest of souls are able to hold trust of the unknown, are disciplined enough to hold a daily regenerative/healing practise, and are pure enough and capable of being self responsible in this materialistically driven culture.

WC med in snowOnly the strongest and most grace-filled are able to discern the true path from the falsehoods of religious/spiritual distortion.

Those who are able to be manipulated by weak/flawed teachers and teachings, thus become manipulative and carry forth the cyclic existence of karmic participation.

The ascension path requires true communion with the body of ascended masters, and the purity to gain the masters attention and Grace. Real communion requires much self esteem and humility, only then can one stand with the light of truth.

Flower_Rose_175Through communion, one grows into mastery, fearless and totally confident and empowered to fulfill one’s purpose and divine potential here on Earth.

Thus one must become a vital, happy, humble practitioner who grows daily, from within, from the inner empowerments bestowed through SELF awareness and alignment of practise to Divine Will.

The ascension path embraces all that life requires of us. It is not about escaping this divine earth, it is about recognizing ourselves within the divine light, and bringing forth this wisdom in ALL that we do and are.

The foundations of practise, and continuing practise is part of the balanced embrace of daily life. Eventually the individualised self (ego) becomes fully absorbed into the divine bliss/current, the karmic threads are purified and dissolved, and ONE lives in and for the divine plan.

earth1You can see further into the website for some of the cornerstone, progressive foundational practises, held with this ascension lineage.


All victory to the ascended light.


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