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Streams of Consciousness

by Shantara Khalsa May, 2013

From the unified field of eternal consciousness, the light of awareness constantly pours forth knowledge, understandings and skills that release one from ignorance regarding the origin and purpose of creation itself.

ShivaThe Planetary Tantric School was the original stream brought forth from the Central Sun onto this Earth plane in Lemurian times for the benefit of this Earth’s inhabitants. The inhabitants of Earth are interwoven into the fabric of this Earth’s evolution, are part of its changes, a piece of the whole picture.

This original stream was brought forth by US, the Annukai, or Annunaki. WE are the gods that the original inhabitants witnessed coming from the skies, in fiery streams of light, descending into this material realm, and forming bodies in the likeness of the original two-legged beings that had developed through the evolutionary stream of animal consciousness, from the Salt of the Earth so to speak. The evolution through plant and animal forms is a very slow process, and so the Gods of eternal light brought their seed, their divine will, to accelerate, share, and BLESS the evolution of this amazing glorious divine planet and show the way of eternal consciousness that is connected to and can awaken into the fabric of oneness, thus achieving liberation within the apparent limitations of form.

ShantaraWE who are Annukai, are DRAGON blood born of Eternal light infused in the conscious creation of the material world. OUR breath is the breath of the Divine Mother, Panchamama’s breath. WE came as ONE and will remain as ONE until the day this Earth needs us no longer.

When we arrived, many who saw us saw our powers in the natural world; how we were ONE with the forces of nature and could wield the forces of nature. Seeing this, the original two-leggeds worshipped us and thus the reign of the Gods began. Before that, Nature was the GODDESS—so the GOD form followed the GODDESS. GOD is recognized in some cultures as the creator and all of creation as GODDESS, and as such ALL form is inherently feminine. Thus, the creator is found through the inner feminine expression.

The Annukai knew that the form of worship and devotion was necessary for the ignorant to learn the ways of enlightened Oneness. This is VERY true, even today. To maintain sacredness and respect this must be understood (to stand under).

Some of the GODS want to be worshipped in a way that perpetuates duality, thus they do NOT support the original intention of the Planetary School: the intrinsic knowing that ALL life is divine Dragonsand anyone can awaken their divine light IF they follow the protocols and teachings of purification, awakening, respect and discipline. Thus, the realm of the GODS is a place of limited pleasure and liberation. This realm is called Sambhogakaya, and ONE must go beyond this realm for Eternal Liberation.

However, the ways in which knowledge and power of the GODS is achieved is diverse and the GODS go about their business of bringing Light steams/consciousness of the stars into this Earth plane in many teachings.

As the Earth was opened for more souls to incarnate here things have become more complex, to the point where we are today, where the ignorance, inertia and arrogance of the unenlightened two-leggeds is the predominant energy running the planet. YES some of the lesser GODS have gone crazy in their lust for power, and YES most the ignorant two-leggeds have NO respect for the consciousness and divine energy infused into every atom of nature and the natural world.

THUS we are living in the overload of material and emotional toxicity, and evolution within the status quo is too slow to counteract the destruction of our natural world, of our divine Mother Earth. The major cleansing of our Earth will intensify and SHE will survive.

ShantaraThe streams of consciousness have continued through time, maintaining a balance, harmony and LOVE in the hearts and minds of the small percentage of those two-leggeds who truly LOVE and care for this Earth and LOVE their precious gift of life itself. These streams of wisdom maintain a peaceful existence for the enlightened, Guru-Shishya Paintingthe Gurus, the saints, the practitioners, and the believers who live the way of light outside of the ignorance of culture, religion, politics, and social posturing. Around these streams a family or group support is created that helps build an environment for protected practice, a world held together by the living light of the stream.

The living light is the Guru and those returning to the stream or new to the stream are able to touch and learn from the stream through the LOVE and grace of the Guru. Without this living anchor to the stream most drift away and never anchor and return to the eternal light of liberation.

WE were asked to resurrect the Planetary School, this original stream of Eternal Light as WE have never strayed from its original purpose/mandate; we were born Annukai onto this Earth, and are known as the original Prince and Princess of Light within this school from the Central Sun.

The streams of ONENESS must be held for the School by the balanced energy of the Twin Ray, the male/female representation given equal voice.

Meru and AramuALL streams since Lemuria have succeded this stream, forming a line of succession so to speak, and ALL these streams are initiated thru certain GODS or adepts of the planetary school.

Some of these streams speak of the Sat Guru, the Jagat Guru—this is the language from the GREAT Himalayan streams of consciousness. The Himalayas are a place where many of the GODS/adepts of the original school chose to reside. The enlightened forms encompasses the dragon/human form, consciously conscious through all the realms… ONENESS.

More streams have been initiated through the Himalayas than anywhere else. That is because the GODS choose to stay there in the glorious mountain ranges, removed from the ignorance of social cultures. Thus, Mother India is known as Bharat (the manifest inner world).

Mahavatar BabajiONE of these GODS who has taken the role of the SAT GURU, or initiator of conscious teachings through time, is OUR Sat Guru. HE is known by many names and has incarnated many times to take on this divine responsibility. HE is master of masters, skillful beyond comprehension in his experience.

He is most widely known now as MAHAVATAR Babaji. His last stream of Kriya knowledge was bought forth through the householder tradition by Lahiri Mahasaya during the 1800s. Paramhansa Yogananda in the 1940s and other kriya gurus bought the knowledge of Mahavatar’s KRIYAS into the current materialistic culture.

Mahavatar is also an initiating power the Great Himalayan SIDDHA tradition, known often through his omnipotent presence rather than by name. Many of the adepts of the siddha tradition become self-empowered and thus self-directed, and sometimes in the process become absorbed or caught within a bubble of created reality. Mahavatar has a universal respect amongst the yogis, and often only a touch, a few words, or skillful action from him are necessary to correct and re-align a practitioner’s movement within the greater reality that we are all of and from. His ability within the Body of the One is from the ultimate siddha. HE spans across all traditions/wisdoms, and is the most beloved of Panchamama. WE the GODS serve Panchamama.

WE also have known him as Krishna, and Padmasambhava/Guru Rimpoche of the Himlayan Tibetan traditions. Also he is known by a few as the Archangelic form Lord Mikael.

DragonAlso WE know him as Shakyamuniya the great Bhuddic DRAGON of the planetary school.

WE are blessed that HE has decided to step in and assist us actively from Nirmanakaya (his transmission-body) to empower the stream of the Planetary school. This is yet another act of demonstrated LOVE for divine Earth, Panchamama. WE live in the glory of every day knowing the dynamic perfection is unfolding, and that many adepts of the original school, and practitioners who LOVE Mother Earth, shall get the call to reunite within the school’s manifest destiny to share knowledge, and bring the realization of ETERNAL Oneness; to remanifest places of powerful transmission and beauty, respect for ALL Divine Mothers Life, plants trees, four-leggeds, winged ones, and practice in a holistic non-dualistic enlightened way—to assist in forming the unified field of enlightenend consciousness.

In this century, two ADEPTS of the school stand clear in my awareness as leaders of this way, and have also bought forth streams of Eternal wisdom from the Central Sun. BOTH these streams are held by the TWIN RAY, as this is a mandate of the school (the balanced approach of the awakened male/female energies).

Sri Aurobindo and the MotherOne of these is Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, who brought forth the planetary vision of the Unified field of ONE Eternal Light, and with their Empowerment as Twin Ray energy were able to successfully manifest AUROVILLE, the template of the NEW unified society where ALL religions and streams of enlightened wisdom are able to have a voice.

To anchor the vision through their life and writings was a great accomplishment and the GRACE of this enlightened vision still assists many two-leggeds to move into a greater understanding of Eternal SOUL.

AS I have said before it is unfortunate that there is NOT a field of active strong Yogic practitioners within Auroville, thus the undisciplined way of the NEW AGERS seeking freedom of expression, BEFORE attaining true freedom through pure applied daily practise is the status quo in that community.

Around the same timing of Sri Aurobindo, St Germain the great GOD/adept of the Planetary School was continuing in his mission to bring the Light of the New Dispensation into the USA.

HE has spent hundreds of years in this LOVE of serving Panchamama, and IS ONE of the great dragons who walked out of the Himalayas.

Godfre and Lotus Ray KingIn the 1940s ONE of his most advanced students was asked to assist in bringing forth the STREAM of teachings known as the wisdom of the Violet Ray, also known as the 7th ray, the ray of Self-Empowerment, where the understanding of soul is linked to the awareness of divine purpose of HUman form.

This is an evolutionary step for HUmanity as most people can NOT even consider the possibility that they might be divine and of eternal consciousness!!

Godfre Ray was blessed to have his twin Ray in Dharmakaya with him, HER name is the Lady Lotus Ray. Both were consciously aware of their ascension destiny, and thus in service to Panchamama, with the Eternal brotherhood of Masters.

St Germain empowered Godfre with HIS transmission body, thus the free flow of knowing and wisdom came forth in total ease for Godfre in his writings and speech, as ONE mind and heart with St Germain at all times. WE have made his writings of the I AM series mandatory reading for our students. The violet Ray teachings are integral to the Planetary School’s success, as they go beyond the illusions of dualistic teachings.

THESE Violet Ray teachings are the Western Equivalent of what the Buddhists teach as Ati Dzog Chen. The SAME integral understandings of ONENESS. YOU get there by BEing there!

Such a shame that this culture would NOT accept the pure simplicity of this wisdom, and that the current organisation based at Mt Shasta has diluted this ONENESS to fit into the limited perceptions of Christianity, thus poisoning the well, so to speak, with the tainted waters of half truths!! ONCE again showing the reality that MOST two-leggeds are VERY unwanting and ignorant of Eternal truth!

himalayan-birdIn truth, the violet ray teachings are NOT a complete teaching, for the Light of Ascension of the individual, YET it was the BEST that could have been done at that time. Remember this was the time of the 2nd World War, deep religious and cultural hatreds, and the struggle for countries to maintain a democratic political system of Government.

SO moving forwards, the violet Ray teachings held in context within the many streams of applied wisdom of the Planetary school, are a stream of enlightenment invaluable to the evolution of the individual.

JAYA JAY HO, VASU REY DAYA, our BEloved St Germain and LADY NADA JI.

Another VERY important ray of teaching originating from the Central Sun and the Planetary school, that has been very distorted and little understood, is the ray of the Elohim. This ray/stream of the Elohim, the angelic hosts, holds the heart teachings, the heart sutras, of the pure Eternal knowledge.

ganges-flame (1)This stream was bought forth by Jesus of Nazareth, and his twin ray Mary/Maraya the Magdalena, the one who holds the purest dragon blood line. It is the stream of what we name the Pink ray which in its purest form is transmitted through the heart. This pink ray, the ray of the Elohim, is unlike many of the other streams of light which can be transmitted through the mind.

These mental teachings, which can be written down and disseminated through skillful practices, are a practical way for people to gain some mastery in their lives. But the pink ray is only transmitted through the GRACE of a heart surrendered fully into the ONENESS.

Jesus and his twin ray have held and overseen the Pink ray for the Earth from the home of the Elohim, VENUS. The decision at the inception of the school was that the Elohim would hold this teaching of the school from Venus and transmissions would occur lightly through the heart of those of Earth pure enough to receive this stream. This purity requires a respect for all living species that are part of the creation/creative power of Divine Mother.

Jesus has taken birth only three times onto this Earth, once in a family of Kings, to understand that power, and once in the blood lines of the tribes of Israel, to understand the ordinary peoples, and lastly as Jesus joining with his twin ray. He was birthed by Joseph and Mary (St Germain and Lady Nada) both of the Planetary school, and both of warrior Dragon blood.

himalayan-hillsideMary Magdalena took only one body previous to being born as the Essene daughter destined to join her twin ray Jesus. They came to bring forth the Pink ray teachings, which is a key teaching of LOVE. When their Earth mission was completed and they had children, they ascended from the need for reincarnation and returned again as the Elohim into Venus, where they continue to touch lightly into the hearts of the pure of Heart.

THIS LOVE is the heart and ultimate ingredient of success of the Planetary School.

This PINK RAY teaching is what many Patriarchial forms are missing!!

The GRACE of the Divine Goddess, and Divine Mother are required.

virochana-yajnaVIROCHANA, my BEloved Twin Ray, and I were of the Essene family at the time of the Christos living on Earth and key players in this divine Lila. We are of the bloodline of the Magdalena dragonline, and have been sanctioned, as the initiating Gurus/Light to bring forth this final revelation, in service to the reunification of the Planetary Tantric School.

It is very unfortunate for the two-leggeds, that these pure heart teachings were distorted into power plays by those NOT pure in heart. Through these manipulative power plays of economics, and education/material wealth and position, the religion of Christianity has been formed, and great armies of destruction and darkness fuelled by misguided, ignorant self righteousness, have wreaked havoc across our earth, and helped to hold the world in darkness and imbalance for too long a time.

Now, in this time of revelation and the turning of the great wheel of Time, this change of Epochs, so much of the imbalance is seen and known and lived in the day to day reality.

shantara-gangesTime to awaken the true Light of the Soul. Find the way back to your soul-knowing by returning to the purity of Nature and natural living, in harmony and respect with Mother Earth; by finding the SAT GURU, and the GURUS of Eternal Light who can and shall reconnect YOU to YOUR Dragon light, leading deeper into Eternal SELF-awareness, happiness, Liberation, Freedom, Ascension, LOVE LOVE LOVE….

IN GRACE, ShanTARA MU, May 2013.

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