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An Introduction to AraMu and Meru

by Shantara March, 2002

Meru_150Included in the family of the Ascended Masters who are of the ONE body-mind-heart there is the cosmic couple AraMu and Meru. Mu is the feminine and Meru the Masculine. I have always called her Mu though she is also called Aramu or Amaru. Mu and Meru are great cosmic masters who oversaw many events on our Earth from the time of Lemuria. I have been with them many times on our Earth and refer to them as my Mother and Father. I first became fully conscious of their presence and light in my life when Meru appeared to me in my home when I was approximately 14 years of age. He said at that time “I am your true father.” This made perfect sense to me, as I was always connected to a consciousness above and beyond my physical life.

Vajrayogini3Meru is also known as Garab Dorje in Tibetan Buddhism and Mu is known as Vajra Yogini. These were their last physical embodiments; since that period they have remained in the etheric in their fully ascended consciousness.

They are now involved in the great work to bring the planet through into her full Christed state. The earth is shifting into a new cycle, which can be called the Golden Age for Hu-Man. This is a period when those Hu-Man who remain on the earth will all be in the Christed or Illuminated awareness.

This shift is initiated now and will take a period of 200 years to complete. During this time Mu and Meru will bring their cosmic activities to the forefront to stabilize the shifting of the earth. They hold the authority to assist the earth changes along with a small group of ascended Masters.

My twin ray and I have been blessed with the intense training from numerous ascended masters all of whom have increased our awareness and blessed us with a divine existence. Having been bought together with my twin ray has enabled us to receive teachings that otherwise could not have been transmitted.

The embodiment into the physical of a twin-ray energy is a rare and special occurrence. This event is only fulfilled and of vital importance when that couple is fully aligned to their planetary mission.

Under the radiations of Mu, Meru and the Solar Disc are a small group of twin-ray masters who are primarily working for the planetary body earth. This is service that requires specific training. These masters’ awareness is expanded to embody the planetary vibration and to catalyze planetary events that are orchestrated from a cosmic level. These events cannot occur with any interference from a personal agenda of any like or dislikes.

Peru_Ollyantambo4_200Many Ascended masters with their twin rays have been involved in the ongoing evolution of Hu-Manity and our earth. As we embody here we work for the Divine whole and fulfill our missions as deemed for that moment. This is a planetary work that has held this planet together a number of times and that has seen that earthlings have not fully eliminated themselves or the earth.

My Beloved twin-ray Virochana and myself were the first twin-ray energy that Mu and Meru bought together onto this earth. Hence we carry the title of “The original Prince and Princess of light.” Although we have known about this title for 14 years it has not been appropriate until now to share this information. On our recent trip to Peru, we were bought under the full radiations of Meru and Mu from their temple of Illumination in Peru. And were given understandings concerning this planetary work.

Our Beloved Mu and Meru were the first fully activated cosmic divine twin-ray energy that oversaw the influx of souls from other planets that were not highly evolved as beings of light. They anchored the silver-ray more fully into our earth, which is the ray of the cosmic-override. In this manner they held the office of divine authority to oversee planetary events and shifts that occur for our earth herself.

It was by Divine decree and through them because they anchored the silver-ray that the solar-Disc was made manifest on our earth. The solar disc is the cosmic consciousness that oversees planetary shifts. The solar disc was first precipitated into physicality at the Sun Temple in Cusco, Peru. The Solar Disc was not made here on earth. Its composition of materials is unlike anything else on earth. The Solar Disc is charged to activate shifts within the earth’s crystalline structure. It realigns grids and leylines of consciousness within the earth. The earth is consciousness as is all matter.

The solar disc can only be activated by highly trained twin-ray energy that is perfect male-female balance, therefore it is useless and even dangerous to those who would covet its authority, and wish to claim it.

It was used at the time of the downfall of Atlantis to protect certain areas and the souls residing in those areas. After that time it was dematerialized and removed with Mu and Meru into the etheric into Lake Titicaca where it remains until it is necessary to be made manifest into the physical again. It will be bought forth when required by earth and the Divine consciousness that holds it all together.

The teachings of Mu and Meru regarding the solar disc are required now urgently by all of us who wish to remain on our earth as Divine beings.

We live with a great illusion of time and space, duality, and all the negative emotions that are associated with this illusion. As long as we believe this illusion we are subject to weakness fear anger and death. Death is the ultimate illusion that we are programmed with from the time we take form.

MahiRan_1_225The Divine truth is that everyone is born free. By your birth you are free. To stay in that truth is our only work. There is nothing else to do. You are not by Divine will a citizen of any country or of any man-made religion. You are in fact a soul of this earth. The Divine earth recognizes no countries, no borders, no superior or inferior. All these labels are limited and were placed on earth to create the illusion of separation, and to control others by dominance and fear. We now stand in an illusion that threatens to destroy all life all freedom all that is.

If we are to survive it will be because we stand in the eternal truth of divine light of divine consciousness again. Because we are so very far away from this existence, we will witness much more dismantling of the illusion of the Mask that has its grip around the throats of all.

Listen carefully for there is not a lot of time that is part of the illusion left. We will witness dismantling and destruction; great are the changes ahead. If you base your strength in the material world it will dissolve in front of you. The Omnipotent Uni-verse wishes for you to awaken fully to your divinity and to serve the well-being of earth for your survival.

How can this be you may ask. Well we have been creating and participating in the illusion for a very long time. Those who are partially awake see the illusion yet feel helpless. We are not helpless, we are Divine and we must choose now. This choice is to live or to die. To die is to say NO to life. It is that simple. Death is the choice to become unconscious. Again Death is the choice to become unconscious. Therefore people are choosing death every day. To look for salvation in acquiring material security and feeling part of the self-righteous few is futile. More consciousness is required than that. Life is freedom, is light, is peace, is all that which affirms the existence of everything as awake and eternally connected.

Now as we look around, all the trees, all the rocks, all the animals are filled with light, filled with consciousness and have great wisdom and carry great knowledge that Hu-Man needs to survive this time of change. Are you listening, are you connected to the wisdom of the earth and all the elemental forces that are awakening.

Lord Meru and Mu take their position as the overseeing energy next year (2002) on earth. They wish to inform us that we must pay attention to the energies on earth that are speaking to us. They are guiding us to reconnect to this earth consciousness, to become aware that our survival depends on the survival of all that we see in nature.

LakeWaikeramona2_225It is beneficial to do sacred ceremony, to walk in sacredness to listen to the great silence and sleep on the earth in an activated area. Many places hold too much negative energy, where people are filled with anger and fear. These people are not in harmony and are feeling out of control. Go to places that are peaceful that can heal you and help you find your divine purpose.

The negative energy will consume itself and all those who are participating. Even if you feel neutral that is not enough. You are guided to take action that ensures peace, harmony and well-being for you and your loved ones. Be the Hu-Man: the one who breathes the breath of divine light.

In light of the current disturbing events that took place in the US this September it is important to say. Do stay away from the negative emotions of reaction and revenge. The USA has her own karma as a country as do all countries. Be part of the solution that knows all negative energy will consume itself and that we as light are here to hold the light no matter what and send this light into the mass consciousness in any way we can. All those who express hatred will pick up some kind of sword and they will die by the same energy. The earth is to take care of much more than we can understand at this moment. Trust the highest and live the understanding that Love is the only eternal power.

I feel very blessed that I cannot be manipulated into feeling hatred, blame or that the enemy is anything other than my own thoughts and actions. I feel blessed to serve the divine plan that supports the health and well being of earth and the Hu-Man who breathes the breath of eternal light. I feel blessed to live in a sacred place and to know that it is sacred and to be guided more and more strongly by that sacredness. I am honored by being here now and being able to speak for our earth and the Beloved Ascended masters especially Meru and Mu for some time.

I am writing a small booklet called Resurrection of Earth and Hu-Man as guided by Mu and Meru. It will be complete and published this year. I shall inform you on our web site when it is available.

Please take really good care of yourselves and stay close to Mother Earth Panchamama.

Eternally in the ONE as LOVE


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