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Ascension Path Distinctions

by Shantara Mu Khalsa April, 2016

Mt. Tongariro in New Zealand, April 2016 (photo by Virochana)

Mt Tongariro, Aotearoha, April 2016 (photo by Virochana)

Om Namaho Bhagavate Vasu Devaya πŸ’“πŸ’œπŸ’šπŸ’™πŸŽ†

The Ascension Path is very unique. The distinct differences between this path and other paths need to be clearly understood by all practitioners, and those souls feeling inspired to achieve their full spirit filled potential.

This is our path, Virochana as my twin-ray and I have been charting, mapping, and gaining much experiential wisdom under the Divine quintessential radiant transmissions guidance and Eternal Wisdom from those Ascended Masters who have been helping and training us as twin-ray energy these past 30 years.

Great mother earth is in momentum during this time of revelation, upheaval, and great change. Those souls carrying the Christ light within their bodies are being graced by this clearing momentum. It is the window of earth timing filled with tremendous potential for those who have already chosen love and who shall continue to choose love through these days of testing and important choices. Those souls who are part of this eternal love awakening through our earth, are part of the collective christing referred to as the second coming.

Theosophy refers to this time as the Externalization of the Hierarchy, meaning those of true Eternal consciousness of love and light whom live in harmony with Great Mother are now entering into a glorious Awakening of inner peace and spiritual victory.

The Ascension Path is non dual, aligned with, the immortality of the Soul, Jiva Mukti, or Atma, spoken of in Hindu scriptures, funnily enough the Buddhist don't believe in individual soul they lean more towards the impersonal light a male tendency.

The Ascension Path bows only to love, the ONE light from the central Sun RA, which sustains and nourishes Terra, earth, and thus is nourished in return.

The ascension path also bows to maintaining this continuum of consciousness, and to the balance of the unified field of female and male Thus a Master of this light is a Master to every other Master of the ONE, thus sacred relationship is maintained with integrity.

When Virochana and I were bought together, and went into direct training with these immortal Masters wisdom, contained within our own spiritual bodies, we were Awakening from the inside out thru our daily disciplined diligently applied yogic skillful means.

There were no outer scriptures written by another to tell us what to believe!!

Thus we say "your practice is your teacher." This is the Eternal way which respects the sanctity of individual choice, karma etc. Guru is the light that leads from darkness to light, this is both inner and the Outer Guru of the Ascension Path is very rare, as is the embodied relationship into the physical of the Enlightened or adept Twin Ray relationship.

This come into play within the Tantric Planetary School which we have the mandate to bring forth into manifestation, with Great Mother's Christed alignment.

I am writing this because clarity is required by those coming to us, needing to know what Ascension means. We can only tell you of our Direct experiences and how these have been transmitted and given to us.

The Ascension Path being non dual requires steps of practice to truly understand more than just in the mind, the immortals carry this knowing in their bodies, their soul knowing, and they inherently remain distanced from and dissatisfied with dualistic based realities, and the struggles it demands from people who are disconnected from their own divinity, unknowing of the power of Great Mother, and the depths of Eternal Love.

These not yet fully Awakened immortals require training to be confident to live on this earth in joy. The daily practice, the Yoga of necessity is required, the outer and inner Guru is required, the Darshan is required, the Sangha or spiritual family is required, to fully understand your true purpose in your earth or elemental body.

To enter into the Ascension path, steps of practice and integration for full Awakening are important. Ascension and Descension is the flow of kundalini maturing in ones developing Yogic body.

Taranaki Falls, New Zealand 2016 (photo by Virochana)

Taranaki Falls, New Zealand 2016 (photo by Virochana)

Balance belongs in the domain of Great Mother, it is SHE that must be listened to as SHE has given you and owns your elemental body. If this is out of balance disturbance enters into the field of GRACE within the immortal light. Thus negative habits and karma arise due to struggle and lack of understanding.

Practice steady and the best you can daily, understand your unique elemental balance and work on your weaknesses. Don't be in a hurry.

Thus we say "there is no room for ambition on a pure spiritual path." If there is not enough inner time, then one gets out of balance.

The Yogic or skillful body gradually becomes strengthened, and purified, then the Kriya body, or body of consciously aligned activity is developed and bought forth. Then a Tantric body aligned into the body of Great Mother's Earth is developed within nondual nature. Both Feminine and masculine qualities are balanced as maturity is gained thru years of experience.

Relationship is crucial for this path, Relationship or relating to, means one lives sensitively, aware of, and in direct relating to oneself, their environment, the feelings of the spirits of this earth, aware of the field of humans and Divine Mother's other living beings around you, from the very smallest. Listening to the unspoken clarity and feedback from Great Mother, and Guru, the living Light.

Relationship is awareness, and the Ascension path requires this integrated wholistic growth, committed to living fully, with Self-defining Yogic wisdom.

Adeptship comes forth thru the Grace of transmissions received from the Awakened body of both Female and Male, Shiva Shakti, Masters overseeing the Ascended path. Thus one enters into the Ascension thru Grace and an abundance of applied Seva or LOVE. πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“

To become an adept or teacher one first becomes a student/initiate of this happy immortal family and become more Loving, in seva whenever and however possible, as part of one’s daily life becoming gradually fully integrated into the field of Grace that comes from true Self-awareness integrated into the larger body of Light Eternal.

Om Nameho Namaha Svaha
Jai Ho Sat Guru Dev Swaha, Jai Ho Sat Guru Devi Namaha Swaha

Shantara, April 2016 (photo by Virochana)

Shantara, April 2016 (photo by Virochana)

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