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Tantric School of Meru and Mu

by Shantara and Virochana July, 2002

MachuPichu The planetary tantric school is one of the original forms of the ascended consciousness on this Earth. Its origins are held in the universal wisdom of the eternal light. That light when fully embodied in the physical is called the Eternal ascended body which may still seen with the physical eye. This light was bought onto earth by a united force of cosmic masters that to this day are still active in implementing the divine evolutionary plan for hu-mans and earth herself. At the time of Lemuria the great cosmic master Lord Meru and his eternal partner Aramu headed this school whose purpose was to infuse the eternal light wisdom more fully through the earth, and to teach initiates this knowledge.

Meru_Aramu_175 The disseminating form that we now call a school, was a mandala (a unified cohesive configuration) of a number of cosmic masters all in service to earth. This infusion of light wisdom into Lemuria established a time of great harmony, peace, and beauty. The adepts trained in this light, lived as the ONE, in the love and service of the ONE light. Many of these original adepts are incarnate today, young and old, awake and asleep, still holding remnant memories of these eternal teachings. We have been scattered to all corners of the globe throughout this time to help bring forth a greater awakening of the unified field of enlightened consciousness, and to bring a vaster number of souls into the Eternal light of ascension.

WC_macupichu_Sept01_200 The Path of Ascension is a tantric process and as such many of the Ascended Masters who work for this planet are or have been a part of this school. Virochana and Shantara have conscious knowing of being part of this school at that time and are now asked, by Lord Meru and Aramu to bring forth this school again. It is a unique tantric school because it is held from Twin ray energy and of the way it works with the earth. It is because of this level of Oneness that this school is dynamic and ever expanding in its perfection. This forum integrates tantric teachings and spiritual practices that have evolved through many cultures and masters. Because the success of this form/school is reliant upon integration and blending of all aspects of eternal wisdom held in parts within many traditions and lineages, we wholly invite various spiritual adepts of the eternal light to add their love and wisdom and become a part of the success of this school. We seek out and invite spiritual adepts to add their wisdom and love to become part of the success of this school. We personally bring to this school a multi-faceted approach that is uniquely applied to each individual, while keeping the integrity of higher spiritual wisdom.

Mahiran-summer-2001 The planetary tantric school is being resurrected at this time to assist in bringing forth the new era of enlightenment. It is a form that lives as the ONE, resides in the ONE, and serves the ONE. It is an esoteric path of understanding, working mostly with inner transmission. The original initiation occurs at the 12th level and then must be worked down into physicality. It is imperative that we co-create a unified field of love with all students and adepts who will bring forth the ever-evolving aspects of the school A cohesive form that is disciplined organized and enlightened is the core of the success of this form. We would like to Be in shareholding/partnership to acquire and assist in building this community. We thought the land of at least 200 acres was to be in New Zealand, however we now feel it could be somewhere else in the Southern hemisphere. We are open to this manifestation, with a core group of other investors/yogis who also hold this dream and have the means to make it happen. This community would be a model of unified oneness and harmony in diversity, for other souls to be inspired by. This community is essential, as we must co-create and enlightened healthy peace filled environment for well being and the education of the “children of light.” The spiritually advanced souls who are coming in for their ascension and to bless this earth. They are the NEW energy and should NOT be subjected to the turmoil and stress of the unenlightened systems.

Aspects that we offer

Yogic Disciplines

PG1140_125 Kundalini and Kriya yogas form a key part of the foundational practices of this school. We have been teaching these worldwide since 1980 and have authored several books on the disciplines. Yet this mastery in and of itself is unfulfilled without the perfected connection to our Eternal Ascended body. The Masters who are of this body are the transmission power for eternal transformation. We have found that the foundation practices give the discipline, character, and ability to prepare for receiving transmissions from the Ascended body. The development and mastery of these yogas cannot be overlooked.

Yoga page - introducing kriya, eternal yoga & tantra'

Excerpt from the Book: Cultivating a Body of Nectar, Kriya Yoga and Tantric Foundations.

Eternal Yoga

Enteral Pressence Eternal Yoga is the yoga of connection to our eternal light and the light of those who are conscious within this, such as the Ascended Masters. We were asked to teach this yoga after our training and initiations in El Morya’s retreat in the Himalayas in 1993-1994. This is an integral part of developing spiritual clarity and becoming karma free. Awakening within the effortless core gives a depth to the tantras and makes liberation possible.

Articles on Eternal Yoga

Book: Eternal Yoga, Awakening within Budhic Consciousness


caylabae-2010 The tantras are the further development of the inner temple and the continuum through all levels of creation resulting in the Ascended body. Regardless if consort practice is used or not, the tantras are very intimate and direct. The directness of bliss, of inner family, and the self-responsibility inherent in this approach requires maturity on the spiritual path.

One of the unique aspects of this school is the way the tantras are used within this tantric mandala and the earth itself. In our approach the tantras are initiated and begun within non-dual awareness and bring forth transformation simply as the ever-expanding perfection and play of nectars. There is a tremendously rich lineage of bliss and yogic skill supporting the tantras, which is available through entering them from an enlightened perspective. It is impossible to separate the tantras from service, i.e., putting out good energy, which is another way of saying that you become awake as a soul and sensitive to the wisdom of spirit. The ascended body is obtained in this recognition of the Body of the One and the transmission of love and wisdom within it. While most of the tantric knowledge is passed inwardly and intimately, we have brought forth specific tantric practices to help in development of the inner temple and awareness of the elemental pay within it.

Articles on Tantra

Tantra as a Complete Path by Virochana.

Meru and Mu’s Tantric School by Shantara

The Twin-Ray

MoonStar_125 This is a highly evolved rare form of relationship. We were prepared consciously through various yogas to recognize each other when we came together on the Harmonic convergence in 1987. We were given the title the original prince and princess of light by the Ascended couple Lord Meru and Aramu because of our initial training with them in Lumuria and following lifetimes, and have been empowered with the authority at this time to bring forth wisdom and teachings of the twin ray within their tantric school. There is currently much confusion about what the twin ray is and we wish to clarify this.

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Sacred Journey Work

Rock_ValGods_150 It is with the blessings and activations of beloved earth – Panchamama – that we can unlock our understandings of who we are on this earth. Much of our future is dependent upon our reconnection to our past. There are keys or sacred understandings that await this reconnection at this time. When we find these keys we regain liberation from karma and limitation, and continue an ongoing work. These sacred sites are places of empowerment for the initiate and adepts. It is essential that our students and associates of our school participate with us in these journeys.

Article – Sacred Journeys by Shantara (Whitecloud).

Article – Inner Earth Temples of the Andes by Arinaya.

Each of Shantara’s Books has sections about Sacred Journey Work.

Consort Practice

Tantra_Couple1Sexuality and relationships must become liberating or each soul is bound again and again back into unenlightened birth. As enlightened twin ray energy with lifetimes of tantric training we bring to the spiritual arena this wisdom. Currently this is an area that is rarely ever fully and clearly addressed. The tantric path as it is presented in this school is for those souls who know that their passion and sexuality must be integrated for spiritual liberation.

Article – Tantra as a Complete Path by Virochana

The Ascended Masters

masters_one_150 We have not set ourselves up as an individualized authority which is what has happened to many teachers who are stuck in the realms of gods and demi-gods. These teachers do not have or even want the blessings of their twin-rays or of the masters to check their desires. Often their students or clients suffer the same fate. To help a soul gain the infallible connection to this light is one of our greatest tasks. This requires us to take our relationships of teacher/student very seriously. As we have been tested many times by this pure light over the years, so we also must test our potential students to see if this spiritual attainment is truly what they are ready for. To achieve this level of self-realization and mastery requires a 100% lifetime commitment to this aim. We require from students only that which has been required from us, if they wish to be ONE with the eternal Ascended body-mind-heart. Our Eternal family of ascended masters is our home, is our lineage and is our legacy to those who become One with us.

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