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Bringing in the Solar Disc for Planetary Changes

by Shantara Mu Khalsa July, 2016

Yogini in Tamil Nadu

Om Namaho Shiva Swaha


Yogini in Crestone

Yogini in Crestone

The solar disc is an active body of twin ray masters representing the male/female balance through our Beloved Earth.

There were originally six twin ray energies that activated this force through Terra, Earth. Bringing the consciousness and Love from the Central sun through the stars out to the surface of earth. My beloved Virochana and I were and still are, one twin ray couple of this council of 12.

Now our Solar Disc is in place and has activated the new planetary Grid for the Christing of Earth. This is known as the 2nd coming and is a prophecy being fulfilled as laid down by the Ascended Masters who held the office of the Christ light for the new world, 2000 years ago.

The solar disc is sourced from the Central sun consciousness and is the activity of ascended Christ light through the Earth held at the 12th level far beyond the reach of most. It was first held through the body of Anukai Masters in the field we know as the Planetary Tantric School. The wisdom herein is the evolutionary knowledge that some yogic adepts, or masters are totally one with and whom serve this light of LOVE and Awakened activity with Great Mother Terra.

Shantara Walking in Aspens These great adepts are known as the pure Dragon Blood whose love makes up the body of the one Eternal light, always bowing to love the highest, and beyond dualistic individual power problems.

This activation of the solar disc, and the awakening and freedom now given to the Great Dragons whom serve Divine Mother, means that everything conscious on earth is moving towards the heart of the Uni verse, the one Eternal body mind, and all else is up for cleansing restructuring, and dismantling.

We are walking in total harmony and alignment with Great Mother Terra timing. This energy of conscious alignment and love with great mother earth, who is nourished and sustained by OUR Eternal father RA the sun, cannot be postponed or stopped, we are IN the time of Revelation as also prophesied in Scripture, and living in the end of an Epoch, and humanity as we know it shall cease to exist in 49 yrs.

What does this mean for people, and more importantly practitioners overcoming their limited thoughts and behavior. It is the time of Revelations, time of Soul choice, for those having enough Grace and will power. Willingness can choose Love over Fear, one leads to liberation the other leads to chaos.

The illusions of duality are obvious clear, and practitioners of love must continue strongly in the inner and outer journey to release their fear. There are many layers to self-honesty, such as where do YOU put your power???

Many caught in the material culture of self-importance, etc., must find a way to be truly free, by becoming more simple, less ambitious, to listen to listen, and rest in the abundance of Great Mother’s abundance purity and guidance. Learning to live with natural environments close to sacredness of earth.

Gentle Flowers in Crestone 2010 (photo by Virochana)

Gentle Flowers in Crestone 2010

It is the time to bring forth the new scriptures written in eternity by nature, and the stars. This knowledge is held as the living light within the living body of transmission of Eternal truths of the soul, which flows from the Central sun, through the stars, and through Great Mother’s body, and through her Great Dragons that are in SEVA to this Eternal power of Love Awakened in form from the formless.

This Eternal knowledge is held within the Christed body the body of Yogi or yogini, whom resides within the central channel, freed from the illusions and karmic actions based from the dual nature where the mind is in the battlefield of self-preservation and self-righteousness, and weakness.

Love is beyond these attachments and resides and is Awakened within the spiritual heart of the One.

It is the place…, beyond the battlefield of fear and distrust, hOMe to the Eternal warriors of LOVE supreme.

Where are you going today, why, how, and what is your destination (destiny)??? What energy do you Feed???

In SeVA with great mother’s body to the Christ Light. And the victory of LOVE Eternal.

Jai Ho Sat Guru Dev, Devi, OM Namaho Namaha swaha...Om RA Ma…

Blessed Be Love.

ShanTaraMu Khalsa.
July full moon 2016

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