Sacred Mountain Retreat

Bringing the Dream to Reality

by Shantara Mu Khalsa July, 2004

A potent and vital side of a person’s spiritual nature is idealism, manifesting strongly through childhood into young adult hood. Though idealism often bursts forth without the wisdom of experience, it is sourced from the perfection of the light that believes in the higher divine dreams where ones highest potential and awareness is stimulated from. This dreamtime, is often veiled by unenlightened energies, and becomes difficult to recall most of the time when one is caught up in mundane daily existence, without enlightened parents, meditation or an exceptional spiritual destiny.

Often these dreams are the souls knowing of what could or must, somehow be possible, in other words one is in connection with their highest potential. Unfortunately, these dreams are often overshadowed by the unenlightened yet powerful influences of those close to us. These are the karmic circumstances that one is challenged to get “on top of.” The spiritual dream thus becomes compromised with some justified watered down version that everyone feels is comfortable with, usually requiring little or no change. In this ongoing scenario of no real change, the soul cannot grow and fulfill one’s highest potential.

Whitecloud_trail_trees Bringing the fullness of one’s spiritual light into the physical, so that the physical is lived as divine, is truly so demanding that at this point in time there are relatively few for whom the path of ascension is possible. This is a spiritual work in which all the “yogas” are practiced and mastered. Those of you reading this who are connected spiritually to the eternal teachings, to the family of ascended masters, and to the divine plan to build the new, it is for you whom I am writing this…To you who are here to help build the new, understand this - your soul is not here to settle for second best, to give up on your dreams, or to go it alone in an unenlightened materialistic environment. We cannot change that which does not wish to change. Your soul will shut down, and the fragment that is left in form will grow old, become disillusioned and die like everyone else, not knowing where you will end up! I understand the dream you dream, it comes from the enlightened source of the ONE body mind heart. It is the dream that goes something like this:

One dreams to live in a world where people see you for who you are in truth, where you can speak your truth and it is heard and everyone around you wants to see the divine world in all things around them, where all living things are part of the equation of harmony and wellbeing and it is natural to care for all life and the environment, where you don’t have to live in survival mode. Where war is not part of the equation, where politics or social conformity don’t dictate your actions, where you are not judged because you don’t have a career that makes monetary sense.

The dream also includes being with that special someone, your own divine counterpart who knows you better at times than you know yourself, yet at the same time never diminishes your strengths and can assist you beyond your weaknesses to love. The dream to stay in the LOVE for the rest of your life, and that together you can do something wonder-filled for this planet.

SAT NAM… These are some of the formative mind patterns of the dream and the underlying blueprint that springs out of the ascended light.

AND what I am saying to you is YES you can have and do all this, if you are willing to always go to your next step for spiritual growth, if you are willing to surrender the material ego to a higher place, if you are willing to leave behind and let go of all fear and the karmic based lesser reality, to embrace the teachings and teacher that can guide you into the ascended light, and manifest the divine potential.

If we continue to live just for our small individualized self, we become nothing more than just egos bumping up against each other’s likes and dislikes, fueled by ambitions, desires, and limited concepts based in duality.

To become Self in the body of the ONE light is an ongoing dynamic evolutionary step for all of us of the NEW, continuing the tantra of life to bring forth the divine dream, making it real by living it right NOW, not waiting for the “right” tomorrow, or the “right” amount of money, or saying” it’s okay I can wait for the next lifetime,” and slowly give up our soul, shut down and die.

Virochana and Whitecloud (Shantara) in Baniff, Canada I have dreamed the dream, and brought it forth, by the GRACE of the beloved family of ascended masters and my eternal beloved twin-ray. Thus I speak to you with confidence, in truth, with experience, to encourage and assist you to join in this light also.

This eternal living light is the light of victory that is in place through our planet NOW. The body of this light has everything in place for this dream to take its rightful place in our time.

True spiritual (not religious) knowledge is what many seek now. The peace and freedom to bring that inner light out.

If you choose spiritual victory, freedom from fear judgment and all that is second best, then you may step into this light with the assistance of correct spiritual knowledge and guidance.

The chaos of those who do not wish to make this spiritual shift will increase and be visible to all. In the light we shall stand calm fulfilling our divine destiny.

The I AM says to you, there can only be ONE outcome for those who courageously choose their highest destiny. This means you have given up the illusion of “the other,” and serve the light by becoming the ascended light. In obedience and love of this light you will live forever in peace, away from the karmic chaos that will continue until it is burned out.

LOVE is the only eternal driving power of this UNI-verse and existence itself.

The I AM encourages you to bring forth “The divine dream” and with the unseen yet omnipotent light, co-create your perfection. Hold strong to the light, and the divine union will draw you into your eternal spiritual family. “We” of the ONE is the unifying force that brings us together again as family to build the new.

Vajrayogini With love and blessings eternal

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