Sacred Mountain Retreat

Lantro and WindSong

by Virochana July, 2002

lantro_150Lantro is a cosmic Master of incredible talent and versatility. He oversees, with his twin ray, Windsong, a focalized activity of Masters in the Rocky Mountain Range of the United States. In our inner contact with him, he comes in many forms – sometimes in an American Indian body, sometimes in a Chinese body, sometimes as a very youthful, physically strong man. Lantro was the Sioux Indian Chief Blackfoot. As the Tibetan Yogi Milarepa he was an active participant in forming the inner tantric mandalas, which he is now helping to reform.

WindsongLantro is so masterful on so many rays that different people could report that he is a Lord of the red, orange, gold, green, blue…rays.

Lantro has a close affiliation with the Archangel Michael.

He is Light, Happy and as all the Masters has a wonderful field of Love emanating from him. Lantro works closely with the dragons, and thus with shifting of large amounts of energy within the earth. He is very skilled in the martial arts and dance, at times stressing the importance to us of keeping the physical in good shape. It is his poignant exactness and penetrating power by which we are blessed to be guided at times.

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