Sacred Mountain Retreat

My Poem

by Virochana Khalsa April, 2010

A gentle flame, thickening, fragrantly finding the way up my spine like ants slowly marching forward, engaging awareness without concept, all gives way in the grace of the goddess. Its essence creating space where before there was none, opens an inner most point of delightful water from a secret spring which the tongue kisses but tells no one. A room fills with light, and the house payment is almost complete.

The flute songs of love, delicate, unstoppable, vast like an ocean, identifying with where ever it touches; some say this is dangerous and rightly so without the infallible safety rope of infinite unity invisible to an outer vision.

Nowhere to go, everything to see, a spark awake can see what millions of experiences cannot.

Everyday visualizing the golden sensuous strength of a temple made of nothing, and yet how it becomes solid, radiant, and beautiful. Everyday expanding in the expanse of space, struggle disappears and the child-like nature resulting from clarity of freedom is enough. From the ever vigilant heart, playing in the space within, sometimes there is a captivation of delight of how the wave-like particles of emotion are so fluid; and what wonderful spirits come to bath in such waters. Thinking, when it occurs, is like sentient and responsive glue connecting all in the divine panorama, not over or under aware of its role, and careful not to meekly dissipate as common vapor unaware of its fire boiling away life.

The secrets are given freely, yet like quickly passing a flower in a crowded market place, many never notice. How so: the depth is incomprehensible when identity is mistaken. Every day, going within, reveal radiance and bask in it; open and feel a space and a point; from that is where we elope. Turn the outer escape into the ever opening reality, close the eyes and then with open eyes spread the light

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