Sacred Mountain Retreat

Saint Germain and Lady Nada

by Virochana July, 2002

SaintGermain_150Saint Germain is commonly associated with the violet flame often invoked by spiritual healers. The conciuosness sparked by this ray includes distribution of the earth’s resources including minerals, opening up new lands, activation of the crystal grid (template of light and the circulation of light upon the planet). Initiating new energies into the populace from the central intelligence. Emphasizes importance of the Individual God Essence and freedom.

Saint Germain has spearheaded the bringing of the new in many of his adventures, including an incarnation as Christopher Columbus. He (along with Koothumi) overshadowed the line of Merlins (head Druid Priests) and incarnated as the Merlin of Camelot. In this capacity, he brought forth the Arcturian Gateway and the invisible form of a transmutational dragon, which invisibly guards and moves forces of destiny in higher alchemy. He was Joseph, the father of Jesus. Saint Germain has had incarnations in China practicing Taoist alchemical energy arts and in New Zealand as an early influential Maori Prophet. As Comte Saint Germain, he was an advisor to the royal court during the time of the French revolution, where he attempted to prevent the impending bloodshed by advising the rulers to change their ways and loosen their stranglehold on the populace. While doing this he had to hold at bay the corrupting influence of the church, which wanted to keep things the way they were.

Saint Germain has a keen interest in the west and has worked for many centuries in Europe and America. He has brought the highest Ati Dzogchen teachings of non-dual reality into western language and cultural identity, while never compromising the truth of universal law in which these teachings originate. He is the perfect embodiment of eloquence and refinement, a visionary who brings in the new with unparalleled diplomacy. In these qualities he truly epitomizes the violet ray.

As the figurehead of a ray emphasizing personal freedom he is intimately involved with the destiny of America, whose providence from ancient times places it as spearheading the freedom of the individual into a new octave of spiritual advancement for the planet.

I had a brief dream in which Saint Germain was being called the Maha Chohan, as if he was taking over the responsibilities of being known by that title, in particular overseer-ship of the silver ray. Saint Germain is blessedly one of our nearest and dearest elder guides. His assistance to my Beloved and I in our journey is frequently invaluable. We are always answerable to him through the Divine plan.

maryNadaThe very elegant and soft healing energy of Nada has long been an undying and underlying strength for many. Her incarnations include Mary, the mother of Jesus. She carries a soft pink feminine energy and, while very strong in her essence, she often prefers to remain anonymous or in the background. Having proceeded saint Germain in certain advancements, she helped him in aspects of his ascension immensely. Within the softness she has an electrical intensity of pure awareness that can penetrate into the essence of any situation.


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