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Meru and AraMu

by Virochana July, 2002

Meru_Aramu_175Meru is also known as Garab Dorje – an ancient dzog chen master, Rama of Indian lore, and first appeared to me as an american Indian Chief (from an embodiment 3,000 years ago). The incomparable araMu is also known as VajraYogini (this was an actual incarnation) and Sita. Meru and AraMu brought much of the teachings of the tantric schools to this planet and continue to oversee this sacred work, keeping it alive through the inner sanctums of the adepts of this school. They bring forth wisdom and embodiment in working closely with the earth, inseparable from our own bodies. They charge mountains and places in polarities with the energies of adepts, and they work with the dragons and spirits of the earth in buddhic awareness.

VajraYogini_100pMeru and Aramu do what cannot be done. Their work at times is inseparable from Mahavatar and Tara, focusing the presence and blending of many masters. For those who arrogantly claim they are answerable to no one in their campaign across the earth, in the perfect time of ripening, Aramu is the inescapable truth of this earth; as a warrior or otherwise she will not only bring, but demand balance – and one way or another, through one form or another, she will be the who they answer to.

While a simple one, one of my must treasured memories is of Meru teaching me how to dive off of rocks into a pool on the island of maui. This is illustrative of the natural way of the masters. Meru teaches that the tantric path, i.e., the path of ascension, asks our adeptship in every area of life including work, our emotions, our yogic skill, our love life, our service, and any area that our soul asks for, is to be brought within the oneness of it all in full awareness. If you so listen, Meru will ask you to walk a path not of a 100% but of more than that. At times extremely challenging, yet infinitely rewarding and fun, when living the joy of the bigger picture.

Meru and Mu are Cosmic Masters who are to the Andes of South America as Shiva and Paravati are to the Himalayas. This couple, having been involved with our earth for a long, long time, help initiate and maintain certain key outpourings and movements from the higher causal planes, unknown to most of earth’s inhabitants.

Like BabaJi and Tara, they are able to penetrate awareness from those higher causal realms into the physical as one continuity of consciousness, so there is nothing in our world which is beyond their reach or understanding.

Like Shiva and Paravati, they were and are instrumental to the activation of particular temples, such as the sun-spires of Atlantis. These temples built around the world by cosmic Masters and governed by the ONE Light, were empowered and directed through the Solar Disk. This disk was precipitated onto the planet directly from the unified radiations of all the Masters connected with this planet and this particular aspect of the work. Its highly charged atoms are composed of pure consciousness. Only Masters who are aligned in the Oneness, of our Central Sun and able to hold a cosmic identity can stand before the activating power of the all-seeing disk, which has the power to change the shape of physicality. It was the solar disk that activated the sun-spires and had the power to literally shift the course of continents – which it did. The sun-disk is not an object for treasure seekers to look for, it is a manifesting mandala of consciousness.

No longer existing on the physical realm of our earth, the sun temples were large (up to a thousand feet tall) inwardly curving cones, which were set up in a variety of places. An adept would project themselves and spiral upwards around its surface, in order to elevate their subtle body into a greatly quickened state, from which they could consciously and easily travel and work. Initiates would also physically climb these highly charged structures in a spiral staircase, meditating at different places in order to quicken the cellular structure of both the physical and subtle bodies.

The temples were used by some to teleport from one sun-spire to another, the charged structures acting as both ascending and descending transformers. The sun-spires were also used to tap into subtle energy and bring great vitality for the entire area in which it was situated.

While epics surrounding the sun-spires have deeply etched themselves in the primal memory of the collective, it is not quite time to bring forth this sensitive subject in greater detail. It will suffice to say that very recently, significant karmas and misunderstandings in connection with activities surrounding the sun-spires have been stimulated and lifted from its imprint upon Mother Earth.

Meru and Mu ground great cosmic forces upon and within the earth, reaching not only to the eternally and limitless source of energy found within, but throughout our solar system as well. Their silent and great work is actively shaping a future for our humanity that is presently seldom comprehended. They work in particular with those souls who are approaching their Cosmic Ascension.


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