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Mahavatar BabaJi and Tara

by Virochana July, 2002

BabaJi-color-125The family of awakened beings serving this planet combines various levels of consciousness and cultivated talents, creating a natural hierarchy. Note the word natural, versus a forced or contrived hierarchy. The entire body of the Awakened family resonates within its voice of Oneness.

Every planet, as it reaches greater evolvement, attracts a cosmic soul to serve as its Divine Director. The identity of this soul is registered deep within the creation of the planet itself. Often a different entity will fulfill the office of the Maitreya during different epochs of the planet’s evolution. The Voice of Oneness as it directs the planet’s evolvement is expressed and figure-headed through this being, who holds the telepathic resonance and respect of the totality.

The Eternal BabaJi, as spoken of in Paramahansa Yogananda’s Autobiography of a Yogi, is the Maitreya of this planet during this epoch. He is rarely seen except by a few Masters. He has been known as Krishna and has since formed an eternal body which has displayed itself in a number of forms including Padmasambhava, the father of Tibetan Buddhism. He is also known in particular regions of Africa to a few villiages. Babaji is of the Arch Angel Michael. He appears mostly as a vibrant youth with a silence which vibrates as the ethers itself. His form can display itself as either male or female. In Guy Ballard’s books he his referred to as the Great Divine Director, a fitting title. Ballard gives Tara, BabaJi’s Twin Ray, the name of Astrea.

BabaJi controls the kundalini shakti of this planet. He introduces new spiritual techniques, monitors them and at times helps bring forth new dharmas. How much can be released onto the planet is decided by BabaJi and Tara. All beings incarnating upon and leaving this planet are under the awareness of the Maitreya.

It may be of note that a number of characters have claimed to be the BabaJi, using the charisma of the name to further seduce followers into their limited framework. My Beloved and I have met a number of them, all fifth dimensional charlatans, an example of late being Harikhan-Baba. Mahavatar BabaJi’s work goes on mostly silently and unseen, not seeking recognition, yet in touch with sincere souls working with and for the greater good of humanity.
The office of the Maitreya itself is not held in public view at this time. There seems to be a popular craze of predictions on this planet that the Maitreya will reveal himself to humanity en masse by this or that date. This is simply a distortion and ignorance of the level at which the Maitreya functions. At a future time when humanity has evolved, it may be different.

While commanding natural respect and reverence, BabaJi does not allow himself to be worshiped. He is the picture of freedom and spiritual responsibility perfectly integrated. He is a Master at returning people to themselves through the Grace-filled acceptance and direction of providence.

No words can ever describe the deep and inspiring Love within this being of the Cosmos, who holds the light of Ati upon this planet. The light of Ati is the spiritual mastery of form and formless as ONE consciousness of Love.

All of the fully Ascended Masters have united with their Twin Rays. BabaJi is in unity with the Goddess Tara. Together they fulfill their Cosmic role. Free to travel anywhere they like in form and consciousness, BabaJi has until recently physically resided mostly in the Himalayas. While Tara embodies in the fabric of Venus, she maintains an etheric image here on earth with BabaJi, from which she is quite active. BabaJi has maintained this same body even previous to the time of Jesus, to whom he taught the final liberating application of Self into victory.

whitetaraThe Goddess Tara is a very active source of initiation, compassion and unification. She is compassionate and helpful to all. She is a guardian of the Divine plan upon the Earth and orchestrates its unfoldment in her many forms of the Goddess united with all, radiating her Blessing Presence from the very core of this planet. The Island of Kauai is one of her shakti pits. She is also known as Radha, and was Padmasambhava’s principle consort in India. Tara has had an embodiment in the Bahama’s and in ancient times in Kauia (along with a number of masters). When we talk of embodiments, we are saying full incarnations. Masters such as Tara work through hundreds of emanations. An emanation of tara is a soul who has a likeness, a oneness, a similarity, and thus a sameness with tara.

While BabaJi and Tara are the Divine Directing Consciousness of Earth, a number of Cosmic Ascended Beings serve with them in helping our planet and its inhabitants evolve in the wisdom of pure cosmic love. A Cosmic being has Ascended through the Grace of the Mother of not only our planet, but of even greater domains. They yield forces which shape not only the display of their visible bodies and the rays of soul personality, but they know their Presence as the cosmic rays which transcend even this, consciously forming the inner fabric of creative possibility by being awake in very deep levels of reality.

Babaji has healed me instantly while i was dying, not even a trace of blood. He converses naturally from the seemingly mundane to the cosmic creation of a universe. He has held my body, in love and with fire, while i was out of it, in essence, far beyond even most subtle realms of form. He is the source of most of our teachings, and often helps us with the details and holding of fine points. My Beloved and I know, not just in physical terms of gratitude, but on every level that without him we do not exist. What more can we say.


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