Sacred Mountain Retreat

The Magic of Kriya (poem)

by Virochana Khalsa September, 2010

Mahavatar crestone mountain

Letters showing the way, divine forms incarnate in another way.

Rising from one loka to the next in a golden glow, the snake's silk thread weaves its way through the eye of needles on its journey through eternity.

Touching, feeling, being, bliss, so fun, I dive beyond it, always known.

I become One, One knows the I. The dance divine, witnessed on high, sweating nectar unseen in the playground of us.

Everywhere home, I visit the lakes, one by one. Breath comes, goes, disappears, reappears in time.

Magic touches the heart, and it gives a vision. Hardship and ease are all in it's flower, opening a fragrance uniting space unbound...

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