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What is the Solar Disk?

by Virochana September, 2002

cusco-sundisk-lightened_225There are many references within various traditions to the spiritual unifying power symbolized as a disk of gold. Fantastic claims have been made to the power charged within these various disks. Several meditative disciplines use a visualization of a solar disk to create energy, and of course the importance of the sun itself escapes no one.

The Solar Disk of Lord Meru and Aramu, as they are known through there Peruvian influence, is more accurately, a tantric Mandala of highly developed masters. There actually is a disk of gold with symbols on it associated with this Mandala that has been precipitated at various times, and at other times its physical appearance has been dissolved.

The solar disk was first precipitated in this world epoch near Cusco, Peru (prior to the Incas). It has been moved to various places on the planet, and was last held in the waters of Lake Titicaca, Peru, where it still has a strong presence. It is currently being held in essence form in a very high realm, and will manifest into the physical into new locations in the future, as appropriate. It is guarded by two dragons of a very high development. It is not that there is a physical disk that needs protection; rather the protection is of the sacred work that is done, outwardly symbolized by the disk.

Ad Da's TempleThis disk, however, is more than a symbol. It is a living, awake, literal disk of nectar consciousness. It has the power to create vast and instantaneous change. This power is nothing mechanical, rather the combined consciousness of those who make up the disk itself.

This mandala of ascended masters is awake within the Light beyond the Light, more simply known as the Body of the One. This Mandala is unified with the flows of the earth. The disk is thus a living representation of various essence energies within the earth, and through its masterful use, thus provides a focus to create change and attunement within the earth. At such time twelve twin-ray couples are involved. As the Dragons can also be experienced as the deeper Kundalini flows of the earth, a connection between the dragons and the solar disk can be hinted at here.

As a symbol of the tantric school which created it under the Ascended Couple, Meru and Aramu, it symbolizes the transmission of the school itself. This school originated, in terms of our earth, during the time of Lumeria. Some of the principals of this school include cultivating the spiritual path starting from the highest levels of our being down into our everyday life. It works to spiritualize the earth, as our mother, which we become. It is of a tantric orientation in the true sense of the word. Many of the great yogis, such as Krishna, Guru Gobind Singh, Tara, VajraYogini, Garab Dorje, Jesus are all aspects of this school, working tirelessly, blissfully and endlessly for the benefit of our earth.

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