Sacred Mountain Retreat

Reflections on Spiritual Tradition

by Virochana Khalsa June, 2015

Spiritual traditions offer an important support and transmission.

Through inspired practices and sharing, they help bring the vague into a tangible feeling and mindset. A strength comes from a family of like-minded people, helping each other with spiritual values.

Whether that is from the mystical side of Christianity, the practices of Tibetan Buddhism, the deep reservoirs of Hinduism, the earth of Native Connections, the pearls of Taoism, the enlightenment of Kriya, the ecstatic oneness of Tantra, or the eyes open integration of Sikhism, to name a few, it is all sacred.

People without a tradition are often lost, with not enough direct experience and no family to support, nudge, and inspire them to gain that experience. There is nothing to put the heart into. It is sad.

Yet the eternal relationships, awake, that you craft from love are beyond any tradition, for they can manifest themselves in whatever clothes are around, and beyond.

There is a progression in practice, like steps of a ladder, where over identification with a tradition becomes an obstruction, and calling upon dharma protectors through the fears of the mind just keeps yourself and others bound in ignorance.

If you value your tradition(s), guard it from petty thoughts, isms, and political claims that would degrade it into becoming worthless.

Gain freedom in your soul, and then dance in your expressions.

May all beings be blessed through your inner radiance.

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